Tons of Movies Directed By Women You Should Watch

September, my friends, is the Directed By Women Worldwide Viewing Party.
How does one celebrate? Well, you could watch some movies directed by women! You can watch alone, invite friends, create an event, write about it. You decide how you celebrate, and frankly, it'll be fun - because ladies make great movies.

But don't stop there. Why not celebrate all year round? 
In 2015, for this lovely celebration, I started putting together movies directed by women, but only ones I had seen, into lists of 5 for this blog. It was fun, so I kept on, and I started being a lot more aware of female directors and a lot more interested in seeking out women-directed movies to add to my lists. It's been a joy watching all those good-ass movies.

I decided to combine everything into this big ol' list. 
It will continuously grow as I watch more and make more of these 5-movie posts. So, check out the links below, choose a movie, watch the hell outta it, and celebrate that Directed By Women Worldwide Viewing Party all. the. damn. time.

But first, because this is my blog and I like sharing the things I love best, I want to list a few movies that are my personal, very, very favorite movies of all time. 
They also just happen to be directed by women. I mean there are plenty of other truly fabulous women-directed movies that I love in those lists below - like for real- but these are just, well, up there in the very tip top of my list. In no particular order...

My Very Favorites Of All Time

American Psycho

Slums of Beverly Hills

Fat Girl

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

The Corporation

Science Sex and the Ladies (What? I'm not gonna add the one this whole damn blog is about? )

Lists of 5 #DirectedByWomen Movies To Suit Your Every Viewing Need

For The Young Folk

5 Movies To Watch With Your Teens

5 Little Kid Movies

5 Movies To Watch With Kids

5 Movies To Watch With Slightly Older Kids

5 Movies About Love

5 Movies That You Can Watch With The Young Folks This Winter Break


5 Movies About Friday The 13th Related Stuff

5 Crime Related Movies


5 Docs

5 More Docs


5 Fun-Ass Movies

5 Christmas Movies

5 Movies About Women Freaking Out About Love And/Or Marriage

5 Weekend Movies Directed By Amy Heckerling

5 Fun Romps to Watch


5 Serious/Darkly Comedic/Indie Movies

5 Dramas

5 Post 1940's Period Pieces

5 Pre 1950's Period Pieces


5 Indie Movies With Words In Their Title Related to Size and/or Femaleness

5 Movies Involving Politics

5 Movies With Names In The Title

5 Movies Set In The Workplace

5 Movies Not Set in the USA

5 Movies About Teens

5 Movies About Someone Real

5 Costume Movies (A Very Loose Categorization)

5 Movies With Ties To Asia

5 2018 Oscar Nominated Movies (I named this wrong...these are actually 2017 nominated movies)

5 Oscar 2018 Movies

5 Movies Where Being a Daughter Is Important To Plot

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