5 Halloween Season Movies #DirectedByWomen

Good afternoon. Here is another 5 Movie list for you, again, while I'm procrastinating on the next post. It's mid October, so these are scary or creepy or suspenseful, or just Haloweeny type movies directed by women that you might just enjoy for your Halloween season viewing. I'm including a couple that I've already put into lists before - but just because they are classics. 

To be completely transparent here, overall I'm not that into horror or the Halloween watching season. I love me a lot of movies and will pretty much watch any genre, but horror just feels boring and thirsty to me most of the time, so I don't often choose it (same with super hero movies). I'm biased. I get that. I'm obviously no expert on the genre and probably miss a lot of the homages to past classics and all Easter eggs people really enjoy, I also get that there's a particular humor in certain horror niches that people love, and I've actually seen a fair amount of the indie B-movie horror of the last 10 years because I know a few people working in that game. So I've definitely seen some stuff I'm into, it's just at the bottom of my go-to type of movie. That said. I really did enjoy and do recommend all of these 5. They truly are all worth a watch in my opinion and this is for sure the month to do it. 

A Little History of These Lists
I started doing this categorized List of 5 movies thing where I showcase movies that were directed by women and that I have actually seen. It all started during the Directed By Women Worldwide Viewing Party in September 2015, and it was pretty fun, so I've continued doing it from time to time.

It's a bit off-topic from my normal fare, ya know, being that it's not specifically about lady-gasms or anything like that, but I think it fits the blog because
1. this blog is also about indie movie-making, and
2. this blog is partially about getting the female perspective of sexuality into our media. So, to me, supporting female voices in our media  means we're creating more room for female voices to speak on all types of things, which sometimes will be sex, orgasms, and sexuality.

You can find all my 5-movie lists HERE.

So, grab some snacks (maybe Halloween candy or some popcorn balls or something like that), and check of these lovely documentaries directed by women.

The Movies

1 The Babadook  - This is directed by Jennifer Kent. Even though friends were telling me I should, I was resistant to watch this simply because, as I discussed above, I'm not that excited about horror movies. However, I was wrong. It's a really well done movie. Highly recommend. Also, bonus, I SSL Reviewed it (reviews specifically on depictions or discussions of female masturbation, female orgasm, cunnilingus, or the clit) and it got a full 5 out of 5 vulva rating (!)(!)(!)(!)(!). 

2 High Life - This was directed by Claire Denis. I saw this at the theater, and granted, it's pretty bonkers, but I really liked it. Maybe not for everyone, but it's got the kind of shit I go to the movies hoping to find.

3 The Love Witch -  This was directed by Anna Biller. I couldn't resist including this one because it's just a lovely Halloween watching choice. I just happened upon this one on Netflix...or some other streaming thing. It's a modern indie movie, but created like a particular 60's genre, and it's fun and witchy as shit. Also one of the characters has my name, and I always like that.

4 Woodshock - This was directed by sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy. I happened upon this streaming fairly recently. It was an early pandemic watch for me. It's also weird as fuck, and guess what? I liked that shit. Again, maybe not for everyone, but if you are into a psychedelic, suspenseful movie with a somewhat incomprehensible plot, this is the one for you...and I say that with the utmost love - for real.

5 Pet Sematary - This was directed by Mary Lambert. I mean it's a classic. I happen to see it at the Drive In last year. Excellent Halloween-time watch. Plus, Herman Munster is in it as the neighbor.

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