The #DirectedByWomen 5 Movie Sunday Drama List

This is my 3rd 5-movie-list for the daily blogging thing I'm doing for the Directed By Women Worldwide Viewing Party. This time it's DRAMA!..well some are comedy dramas, but all dramas. You can also check the Friday Fun Movie List or the Saturday Serious/Dark Comedy/Indie List depending on your watching mood. These are all #DirectedByWomen and movies I have actually seen of course.  So, here they are. Enjoy.

 Belle - This was directed by Amma Asante. It's a beautifully done period piece. After seeing this movie, I realized I hadn't known much about how the UK specifically dealt with racial issues after slavery...I mean it's not like I know a ton of UK history, so that's not a surprise, but point is, it covered an interesting subject, and it's an intriguing movie.

2 An Education - Lone Scherfig directed this. It's a coming of age movie with a female, 60's suburban UK perspective and a fantastic one at that.

Waitress - This is by Adrienne Shelly. I like this movie a lot. It's truly sweet and kind; funny but quite serious, and the ending is on point. It's just a really well done movie by a woman who unfortunately died before she got to see its success.

4 Lost in Translation - This is Sofia Coppola's movie. It's one of my favorites. Watch it.

5  The Kids Are Alright - Lisa Cholodenko directed this one. I loved this movie. It's sweet and real and fun. Plus, I think I should watch it again because I think there is an SSL review in this one.

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