5 Serious/Darkly Comedic/Indie #DirectedByWomen Movie Ideas

It's day 5 in my daily blogging thing I'm doing for the Directed By Women Worldwide Viewing Party. I'm going to follow up the Friday Fun Movie List with a Saturday Serious List - all #DirectedByWomen and movies I have actually seen of course. They're not really serious, actually. They're more like dark comedy. I don't know, maybe indie is a better way to say it. Whatever. I like these movies a lot, but I also know they may be of a certain taste. So, here they are...and seriously, check these out.

1 Me and You and Everyone We Know - This was directed by Miranda July, and it's up there on my fave movies list. It's just got some great shit in there. See for yourself though. I wouldn't do it justice.

  2 Obvious Child - by Gillian Robespierre is a funny-ass movie. It kinda revolves around an abortion, so that's why it's in this list and not just a comedies/romantic comedy list, cause, you know...people and their whole abortion thing. Anyway, it's really solid. Plus, this was Gillian's first full length movie (she's writer/director/producer), so if there's more to come from her...oh I will definitely go check it out.

3 The Virgin Suicides - This is Sofia Coppola's movie. It's dark. It's cool. Although, full disclosure, this is not my very favorite Sophia Coppola movie, but it's a good one, and it's got that Sophia flare that I like. You should check it out.


4 But I'm a Cheerleader - Jamie Babbit directed this one. This is a wild, over the top, colorful (literally, I remember it as very colorful) movie, and as I'm thinking about it now, I realize I could definitely do an SSL review on it (depictions of lady-bation and and lady-gasms in it, ya'll!!), so watch the move and then look forward to that.

5 Slums of Beverly Hills  - This one is directed by Tamara Jenkins. Okay, I said number one up there was on my top fave movie list, but this one is too, AND it got a 5 vulva rating when I SSL Reviewed it. It's just got a lot of elements that hit all the right notes for me. Love it.

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