TV SSL Reviews! - A Master List of TV Shows Rated on Depictions/Discussions of Female Orgasm and/or Female Masturbation

This is the TV section of the SSL Reviews. If you'd like to check out the Movie SSL Reviews, go HERE.

To give a little background, an SSL Review is a critique specifically about a discussion or depiction of female orgasm or masturbation in media. I am particularly interested in the realism (for instance: was the physical thing happening during the orgasm something that actually could cause orgasm in a woman?). I also often discuss how the depiction/discussion reflects our cultural understanding and also what it adds to the larger conversation about female orgasm and female sexuality. In the end, though, I say whatever I want to say because this is my blog, but I do try to stick close to those guidelines.

Clearly not every TV show or movie will be eligible for SSL Review, but I try to do these reviews whenever depictions/discussions occur in things I'm watching, and I'm pretty good about it with movies, but sometimes with TV, I'm just too lazy to take notes. I'm working to get better at that and I'm even doing some re-watching to capture some good SSL Reviewable moments.

Old-timey vibrations in MAd Men
I have categorized the review links by TV series from A to Z and added their vulva ratings [a 0 to 5 vulva (!)(!)(!)(!)(!) scale] when available. Please note that I have not always given TV show reviews vulva ratings, so I have estimated on some earlier ones. Also, there is no standardized scale for the vulva ratings, as you will clearly see. As always, please tip me off to anything you'd like to see SSL Reviewed!

Below you will see notations that will help clarify some things.

(F) - Season fully SSL Reviewed (all scenes that could be SSL Reviewed were)
(FF) - Series fully SSL Reviewed (all scenes that could be SSL Reviewed were)
(E) - Very early writing from the blog
(*) - Estimated vulva rating because it was before I was vulva rating TV consistently


The Americans
Season 1(F)
Episode 13 (!)(!)(!)(!)(!)

Season 2 and 3(F)
S2 Episode 1 S3 Episode 13 (!)(!)(!)(!)(!)

Season 4(F)
Episodes 5 and 9 (!)(!)(!)(!

General thoughts about sexy vs. sexual balance among genders
Season 6
Episodes 9-10 (!)(!)

Season 3(F)
Episode 18 (!)(!)(!)(!)(!)

BoJack Horseman
Season 1
Episodes 1-4 (!)(!)

Broad City
Season 1
Episodes 1-4 (!)(!)(!)(!)(!

Season 2
Episode 1  (!)(!)(!)(!)(!)
Episode 8 (part 1) (!)(!)(!)(!)(!)

Season 3
Episodes 1- 2: (!)(!)(!)(!)(!)
Episodes 8-9: (!)(!)(!)(!)(!)

Chewing Gum
Season 1
Episode 1 (!)(!)(!)(!)(!)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Season 1
Episode 2 (!)(!)(!)(!)

Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23
Season 1(F)
Episodes 1 and 8 (!)(!)(!)(!)

Season 1
Episode 8 (!)

Flesh and Bone
Season 1(F)
Episode 1 (!)(!)
Episodes 5-8 (!)(!)(!)(!

Series Overview SSL Review (no vuvla rating - too complicated)

Season 2
Episode 15(*): (!)

Season 3
Episode 5 (*)ZERO VULVAS

Gossip Girl(FF) 
Season 2
Episode 8 (*) : (!)(!)(!)(!)

House of Cards 
Season 1 (F)
Episode 1: ZERO VULVAS
Episodes 7 & 9 : (!)(!)(!)(!)

Season 4 (F)
Episode 7:  (!)(!)

Season 5 (F)
Episode 4:  (!)(!)(!

General hatred of premise(E)

Inside Amy Schumer
Season 2
Episode 2: (!)(!)(!)(!)(!)

Season 3
Bridget Everett on last part of Episode 10: (!)(!)(!)(!)(!)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Season 2
Episode 25 (Sex Ed in America)(*): (!)

Season 1
Entire Season: (!)

Mad Men(FF)  
Season 1 (F)
Episode 11: (!)(!)(!)(!)

Master of None
Season 2(F)
Episode 6 (!)(!)(!)(!)(!)

Masters of Sex
General thoughts on first episode

The Mindy Project
Season 4
Episode 19: (!)(!)(!)(!)(!

Mozart in the Jungle
Seasons 1 & 2 (!)(!)

Mr. Robot
Season 2 (!)(!)(!

New Girl
Season 2
Episode 9:  ZERO VULVAS

The Night Of(FF) 
Season 1 (!)(!)(!)

General props for a masturbation scene

Season 4
Episode 21 "The Junior Mint": (!)(!)(!
Season 5
Episode 1 "The Mango":  ZERO VULVAS

Sex And The City (retro SSL reviews - notes only, no vulva rating)
Season 2
Episodes 1-3 
Episode 4
Episodes 5-6
Episode 7-12

Season 4
Episodes 7-9
Episode 10

Season 3
Episodes 7-9
Episodes 10-12

Seasons 6
Episode 1-4, Episodes 7-9

Season 41
Episode 5 (First Got Horny 2U): (!)(!)(!)(!)(!)
Episode 11 (Penis Rap At the Club): (!)

Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories
Season 1
Episode 5 (!)(!)(!)

True Detective
Season 1 (F)
Episodes 3&6:  (!)

West World
Season 1 (F)
Episode 2 (!)

Season 1
Episodes (1-8):  ZERO VULVAS

Season 7
Episode 4: (!)(!)(!

The Young Pope
Season 1 (!)(!)(!)(!)(!)

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