Closing in on a shot movie...

first things first. We started shooting without our Brevis this week. We're able get more out of our lights this way. The HVX could be rated at 320 ISO sorta but with the Brevis on its a little more like 120 so we don't have to light the set so much. This really helped in changes and setup. We were ready to shoot almost as soon as we unpacked. Plus it helps us avoid grain and noise all of which our HVX tends towards in the blacks and you can use the lens controls on the camera so its just easier.

h We shot with David Charles and Christa Shoot and they rocked. They're playing a couple from the 50's and having a cookout while discussing frigidity and some other "relations" issues They were joined by Nick Marson and our very own Trisha Borowicz who stepped in at the last minute.


Sarah Aaron, Nick Marson, Trever Brown, Christa Shoot, and Rick Clark portrayed our 40's family. Sarah filled in a spot for us that we really needed. Thanks! She also made the pterodatcyle that we loved!

Here we have Joanna Winston, David Charles, Curtis Cole, and Barnaby Aaron hanging out between takes for our Romance Novel scene.

Abigail Wright, Joanna Winston, Katie Sheets, and Lisa Smith. Its part of dream sequence at a college campus...

Christa Shoot as a 50's wife and then a 40's daughter. That could actually happen.

Sarah Aaron 40's mother.

Trever Brown 40's politician.

Here's Charlie stepping in for the romance novel scene. We had an actor drop out at the last minute and we had costumes rented!

Trisha as Marie Robinson.

Rick Clark 40's Father. He cried some great tears for us!

Curtis Cole...magician? No he's an old antique dealer for out Romance Novel Cover.

Joanna Winston Romance Novel Heroine.

David Charles as a Navy man in the 40's, a Yacht captain, and a 50's Husband

Nick Marson, always a pleasure to work with came in as Paul Popenoe, who he does resemble, and a 40's son.

Katie Sheets college girl 60's

Abigail Wright, college girl 60's

Joanna Winston College Girl 60's
We're getting into the home stretch.


AnC's Awesome Parents

We'd just like to take a moment in the time between Mother's Day and Father's Day to give our parents (Sarah and Phil Aaron, Sally and Ernie Borowicz, and Pat and Bill Eberle) a big shout out. They have, in fact, all helped us out quite a bit in the last couple weeks. The Eberle's have provided meals for our shoots, props, and even stepped up to be extras for us. The Borowicz's have helped us out big-time with car repairs for the van that we haul everything around in, and they've also lent us props and their children for use in our crew. The Aaron's have provided space, props and Sarah even made that crazy cool teradactyl in the picture's below. You'll soon see her stepping in as "40's mom".
Anyway, what we really want to say is thanks so much for all the support you always show us - even when we're making a crazy movie like this one.

P.S - our syblings have been helping us out a lot too - with props, acting skills, crew skills, costumes, food, advice. We'd say more about how much we appreciate it, but it's not syblings day - it's the time between Mother's Day and Father's Day. Besides, if we started thanking them, we'd have to start thanking all the other people helping us out - Friends, Aunts, and other family members. It'd really be too much. We'll have to do a whole other blog about that.


another week a bigger green screen

We shot this weekend. Saturday and Sunday. Whew. Barnaby got to nap on set. That bed is made from a wierd box frame and a tumbling mat covered in elegant sheets from Target.
Here Ervin and Brandi share a moment on set. They were playing a prom couple coming home to...experiment.
Alicia Walker and Melissa Bickel as modern women. We only had a two man crew so we're recreating the moment here to photograph it. Notice how our green screen has seriously enlarged (doubled and then some) in size since our last shoot. We're covering more and more of our shots with the green. Its working great!
Heidi Keller Phillips with visor (!) plays the mother of our Prom lady above. Heidi appeared in our movie Embolism about 6 years ago... or maybe it was 7... She is also the secret weapon behind our soon to be shot opening dance number. Multi talented people.
Stephanie Hurt made an appearance as one of our revolutioners. While she's not an actress by trade she knocked out her line with the best of them!
and Kristin Marley returned to portray the illustrious feminist writer Shere Hite, author of "The Hite Report" which is a fantastic collections of accounts from real women about their sexuality. A classic and must read for anyone seriously interested in the subject.
And the day wouldn't be complete without Josh Ramsey stepping in to deliver a line...I mean a page of dialogue. Well...one line short of a page. That's just what he does. I think he could also hypnotize you with that stare. Watch out!

The cavemen

So the other week we shot our caveman scene. Its a fun little bit that presents the "sexed up caveman theory" that we all know and 'love' then pokes it full of holes. The theory is that women evolved to have low sex drives and men high sex drives because of reproduction. We had a lot of fun showing how reproduction and pleasure are not necessarily linked for women. Its a flawed concept but a highly regarded one. We were worried about how all the costumes and sets were going to all come out but in the end it came together better than we could have hoped for.

We had to have quite a few pregnant cave ladies on hand. Here they are all lined up. We stuffed balloons to create their bumps.                                        

This is our low sex drive couple. Complete with sweet little cave babies. Josh Ramsey took on the role the day of, and delivered awesomely. Brandi Payton is the cavelady.                                                                                                

Here's the high sex drive couple. Andrew, Charlie's brother stepped up to help us out in a pinch. We had to fill in both cavemen at the last minute due to some scheduling conflicts.

Here Katie Sheets is just about to put her firemaking sticks to another use. Those rocks are made from masking tape and a couple shades of gray paint. The large rock is industrial wallpaper on a stool. It's not foolin anyone in this shot lol.

Trisha adjust some cave hair on our Low Sex Drive Cave couple. It was a lot of teasing and a lot of hairspray...go aquanet.                                                               

Here's a group shot of Abigail, Joanna, and Katie. They brought lots of energy to the shoot and really made the scenes the best they could be. Thanks!                                                                                                                      

Lisa Smith filled in the last spot as a cavelady. She got to throw a spear and use grass creatively. She's been on our schedule every weekend and she always delivers.                                                                                                          

Mr. Josh Ramsey as the arrogant narrator.                                                                                                     

Here's our Pterodactyl. Isn't he sweet.  We want to disclaim that we understand Caveman and dinasours didn't co-exist. This is a science movie after all.