The cavemen

So the other week we shot our caveman scene. Its a fun little bit that presents the "sexed up caveman theory" that we all know and 'love' then pokes it full of holes. The theory is that women evolved to have low sex drives and men high sex drives because of reproduction. We had a lot of fun showing how reproduction and pleasure are not necessarily linked for women. Its a flawed concept but a highly regarded one. We were worried about how all the costumes and sets were going to all come out but in the end it came together better than we could have hoped for.

We had to have quite a few pregnant cave ladies on hand. Here they are all lined up. We stuffed balloons to create their bumps.                                        

This is our low sex drive couple. Complete with sweet little cave babies. Josh Ramsey took on the role the day of, and delivered awesomely. Brandi Payton is the cavelady.                                                                                                

Here's the high sex drive couple. Andrew, Charlie's brother stepped up to help us out in a pinch. We had to fill in both cavemen at the last minute due to some scheduling conflicts.

Here Katie Sheets is just about to put her firemaking sticks to another use. Those rocks are made from masking tape and a couple shades of gray paint. The large rock is industrial wallpaper on a stool. It's not foolin anyone in this shot lol.

Trisha adjust some cave hair on our Low Sex Drive Cave couple. It was a lot of teasing and a lot of hairspray...go aquanet.                                                               

Here's a group shot of Abigail, Joanna, and Katie. They brought lots of energy to the shoot and really made the scenes the best they could be. Thanks!                                                                                                                      

Lisa Smith filled in the last spot as a cavelady. She got to throw a spear and use grass creatively. She's been on our schedule every weekend and she always delivers.                                                                                                          

Mr. Josh Ramsey as the arrogant narrator.                                                                                                     

Here's our Pterodactyl. Isn't he sweet.  We want to disclaim that we understand Caveman and dinasours didn't co-exist. This is a science movie after all.

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