Closing in on a shot movie...

first things first. We started shooting without our Brevis this week. We're able get more out of our lights this way. The HVX could be rated at 320 ISO sorta but with the Brevis on its a little more like 120 so we don't have to light the set so much. This really helped in changes and setup. We were ready to shoot almost as soon as we unpacked. Plus it helps us avoid grain and noise all of which our HVX tends towards in the blacks and you can use the lens controls on the camera so its just easier.

h We shot with David Charles and Christa Shoot and they rocked. They're playing a couple from the 50's and having a cookout while discussing frigidity and some other "relations" issues They were joined by Nick Marson and our very own Trisha Borowicz who stepped in at the last minute.


Sarah Aaron, Nick Marson, Trever Brown, Christa Shoot, and Rick Clark portrayed our 40's family. Sarah filled in a spot for us that we really needed. Thanks! She also made the pterodatcyle that we loved!

Here we have Joanna Winston, David Charles, Curtis Cole, and Barnaby Aaron hanging out between takes for our Romance Novel scene.

Abigail Wright, Joanna Winston, Katie Sheets, and Lisa Smith. Its part of dream sequence at a college campus...

Christa Shoot as a 50's wife and then a 40's daughter. That could actually happen.

Sarah Aaron 40's mother.

Trever Brown 40's politician.

Here's Charlie stepping in for the romance novel scene. We had an actor drop out at the last minute and we had costumes rented!

Trisha as Marie Robinson.

Rick Clark 40's Father. He cried some great tears for us!

Curtis Cole...magician? No he's an old antique dealer for out Romance Novel Cover.

Joanna Winston Romance Novel Heroine.

David Charles as a Navy man in the 40's, a Yacht captain, and a 50's Husband

Nick Marson, always a pleasure to work with came in as Paul Popenoe, who he does resemble, and a 40's son.

Katie Sheets college girl 60's

Abigail Wright, college girl 60's

Joanna Winston College Girl 60's
We're getting into the home stretch.

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