AnC's Awesome Parents

We'd just like to take a moment in the time between Mother's Day and Father's Day to give our parents (Sarah and Phil Aaron, Sally and Ernie Borowicz, and Pat and Bill Eberle) a big shout out. They have, in fact, all helped us out quite a bit in the last couple weeks. The Eberle's have provided meals for our shoots, props, and even stepped up to be extras for us. The Borowicz's have helped us out big-time with car repairs for the van that we haul everything around in, and they've also lent us props and their children for use in our crew. The Aaron's have provided space, props and Sarah even made that crazy cool teradactyl in the picture's below. You'll soon see her stepping in as "40's mom".
Anyway, what we really want to say is thanks so much for all the support you always show us - even when we're making a crazy movie like this one.

P.S - our syblings have been helping us out a lot too - with props, acting skills, crew skills, costumes, food, advice. We'd say more about how much we appreciate it, but it's not syblings day - it's the time between Mother's Day and Father's Day. Besides, if we started thanking them, we'd have to start thanking all the other people helping us out - Friends, Aunts, and other family members. It'd really be too much. We'll have to do a whole other blog about that.

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