another week a bigger green screen

We shot this weekend. Saturday and Sunday. Whew. Barnaby got to nap on set. That bed is made from a wierd box frame and a tumbling mat covered in elegant sheets from Target.
Here Ervin and Brandi share a moment on set. They were playing a prom couple coming home to...experiment.
Alicia Walker and Melissa Bickel as modern women. We only had a two man crew so we're recreating the moment here to photograph it. Notice how our green screen has seriously enlarged (doubled and then some) in size since our last shoot. We're covering more and more of our shots with the green. Its working great!
Heidi Keller Phillips with visor (!) plays the mother of our Prom lady above. Heidi appeared in our movie Embolism about 6 years ago... or maybe it was 7... She is also the secret weapon behind our soon to be shot opening dance number. Multi talented people.
Stephanie Hurt made an appearance as one of our revolutioners. While she's not an actress by trade she knocked out her line with the best of them!
and Kristin Marley returned to portray the illustrious feminist writer Shere Hite, author of "The Hite Report" which is a fantastic collections of accounts from real women about their sexuality. A classic and must read for anyone seriously interested in the subject.
And the day wouldn't be complete without Josh Ramsey stepping in to deliver a line...I mean a page of dialogue. Well...one line short of a page. That's just what he does. I think he could also hypnotize you with that stare. Watch out!

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