Green Beer and its Effects on Your Pot of Gold

Billy The Kidney, an  Indy St. Pat  parade staple
Well hello there. St. Patty's day is just around the corner - Sunday, March 17th to be exact, but if you are from Indianapolis as I am, you should probably note that the Parade and festivities always happen the Friday before the holiday if said holiday happens to fall on a weekend. That means right now, on this very Friday morning, I am probably screaming "Happy St. Pats!" at the O'Malia Supermarket product mascots, the hottie firemen from the IMPD Emerald Society, the Woodruff Lawnchair Brigade, and cute little kids from Little Flower who are kinda scared of me as they stroll on past my family at the corner of Vermont and Penn.

So, I thought I'd pontificate for you today about St. Patrick's Day and orgasms. This is the Science Sex and the Ladies blog after all, and in my world everything can be linked back to orgasms. But there is actually some logic here.  Follow me. St. Patrick's Day means lots of drunkenness, at least it does in my family, and where there is drunkenness, there often follows sex. Where there is sex, there sometimes follows orgasm. It's quite linear really.

Alcohol, my friends, reduces your physical ability to become aroused and to orgasm. It's true, oh so true. I would say there's a general cultural knowledge about this in terms of men. It's a fairly known thing that men might become unable to get erections due to too much of the ol' drinkin. However, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that's as understood when it comes to women. The same blood flow issues that can hinder erection in men can hinder lubrication in women, and orgasm can be hindered in both men and women for basically the same physical reasons. Now, at the same time, alcohol lowers one's inhibitions, and that don't ya know, may make us feel a bit more...let's say...social. So, yes alcohol may make you feel sexier and wilder and all that, but at the same time, it's inhibiting your physical capabilities to act on and enjoy that sexiness.

Now here's my pondering. I would venture to guess that we acknowledge this physical limitations of drunkenness for men more because in general we simply understand the physical signs of arousal and orgasm in men better. Plus we simply think about orgasm and arousal as more of a physical thing for men than we do for women. But don't be fooled, ladies. As you are enjoying those green beers, remember that they might make you more "Irish," but it sure won't help you find the "pot of gold" at the end of your "rainbow." you like that euphemism?

Happy St. Pats!

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