Latest Round of Movie Fixes...Done.

I'm feeling pretty good. We just finished the latest round of edits, reshoots, fix-ups. We had a giant list of these things up on the wall - it consisted of 22 8x11 papers taped together behind the editing desk. The items are all marked off, and we just took a look at the movie - all put together - a couple nights ago. (Without some insane and stupid hardware issues that Charlie had to work through, it would have been a couple weeks before, but hey - that's the movie makin' life.)  

Anyway, we were really happy with all the changes. It feels like a real movie, and I have to give Charlie some major props here. He's the the one really doing the effects work, and I'm just gonna say, it's pretty bad-ass stuff. Obviously, there's not action or explosions like one would think of when thinking about effects, but pretty much the entire movie is an effect. It's almost all green screen - for one. Frankly though, it looks like there aren't a lot of effects in it - which I think is the best possible situation. Effects shouldn't look like effects. 

Now, the movie does have a really weird, stylized aesthetic that we've all been worried about pulling off, but after watching the movie, I'm super excited about it. This version is now in the hands of our kick-ass composer, and we'll be working more closely with him in the next month. We still have some small corrections and pep-ups for the movie, but it's barely a speck compared to what we've done. 

Here's some random pics for you to enjoy below. The first is me in a strange suit I had to wear for another scene as I'm primping an actor for her scene. The other ones are stills, and well, you'll just have to watch the movie to see what they're all about.

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