Hey Teens, Outercourse Is Better Than Intercourse

I haven't posted any Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross videos lately, so I thought I'd check to see what they've been up to, and I was lucky enough to find this. I do enjoy some of their little conversations. Betty is a pretty straight-shootin' 83 year old, and it cracks me up sometimes. In this one, the two are telling us all why teens shouldn't be having intercourse, and why they should begin partner sexual experimentation  with  "outercourse" instead (sexual experimentation in general should begin by one's self - of course :)). As you would expect, I agree wholeheartedly with their sentiment.

We have a whole section of the movie discussing the mix of; our culture's insistence on defining intercourse as the ultimate and most normal type of sexual interaction, the misinformation (or simply lack of information) passed on about female orgasm, the limited options that young people feel are available to them, and how that all facilitates confusion, unnecessarily burdensome dilemmas of desire, and risky choices. So I'm all for advocating masturbation and handies as safe, viable options for teen.T

he only thing I would take some slight issue with in this video is that some comments and wording make it seem as though lack of sexual knowledge, maturity, and experience are the main reasons why teen girls are highly unlikely to orgasm from intercourse. Truth is, though, it doesn't matter how old a gal is, the penis rubbing the inside of a vagina just doesn't physically make for female orgasm any more than rubbing a guy's balls makes for a male orgasm. I'm positive that Dodson and Ross didn't mean to sound as though maybe women naturally just mature into the ability to orgasm from intercourse (and that conversely, men, and their penises, naturally just mature into having the power to screw women into an orgasm). They simply meant that as women get older, more confident, and gain more sexual self knowledge, women then know how to and feel comfortable giving themselves or teaching their partner to give them the clitoral stimulation during intercourse that is needed to orgasm. Okay, now that I've said my piece, please enjoy the video.

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