Movie-Making Learnings Plus A Thought On Sexuality

Hey all! This is Charles filling in for Trisha. She's been a little busy at the day job, so I thought I would write a little something today. OK, this movie has taken way longer than we ever anticipated, but it's almost done, and we're proud of it. We're excited to move into this new phase of "getting this thing out there," and while I'm sure there will be an interesting learning curve there - no matter how prepared we think we are - we're ready. Its been an interesting process so far, so I'm gonna go over a few things this movie has taught or reinforced in me as filmmaker. I think they apply to pretty much any independent creative endeavor though - especially one executed by a group.
  1. There are things that cost time, and there are things that cost money, but a lot of things can cost either if one is creative enough. 
  2. Everything will break, inexplicably and usually not permanently, but enough to slow one down or ruin one's day/week. This applies to machines one uses, software one runs, and people one depends on. Be prepared for this. Have backup methods, and understand what is essential and what is not. This is not a matter of if but when. 
  3. There is a way to crew/produce an independent movie that is very different than the way one reads about in books by Hollywood people. There are essential on-set roles like boom and camera, but the management, wrangling, and  even the directing need to be much more fluid, and there is even less room for any ego on set.
  4. Digital asset management is the most critical thing. How you handle this will dictate how fast every other process can happen.
Yeah, those are movie things, and I know the readership for this blog is (hopefully) less full of filmmakers than persons interested in female sexuality and how we can be making it better. So, on that note, there is one thing that has continually been in my mind as we made this movie. Its not gonna shatter your brain, but it is food for thought.  Every generation has to learn sex all over again. Sex is not something you generally sit down with your parents or grandparents and discuss at length. Details, mistakes, funny stories, and tips about sex are not shared this way as they are with so many other things. They are much more likely to be shared between friends of the same generation as they figure it out with each other. Sexual discussion is very largely intra generational rather then inter. I feel like there are a lot of implications because of that, and I could go on for a bit but I think it will be more fun if I let you think them up.


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