Trailer Posted Online!

The cast party was this past Friday, and we previewed 3 scenes from the movie and a trailer. The trailer is posted at vimeo.com. You can check it out below.
I'm not going to lie. We had a rather sleepless week putting together all the final details. Charlie didn't sleep overnight on Wednesday, but luckily everything was done in plenty of time, and we all got some sleep Thursday night so we could be fresh for the big shin-dig. It was really nice to see all the cast again. It was probably different for us to see them than it was for them to see us. They have been going about their lives for 9 months. We have too, but we've also been staring at images of them most days during that 9 months, so in maybe a creepy kind of way, they feel like super special friends that we've been chillin' and illin' with all year - yet they don't know about it.
Anyway, my point is that we loved talking to those crazy actors. We had a lovely time, and the clips we showed seemed to go over well. What more could we ask from this event?

Science Sex and the Ladies Trailer from Charles Borowicz on Vimeo.

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