Work Continues

Man, Its been way too long since we posted here. Trisha and Charlie (me) had a whirlwind vacation right after the Sneak Peak (which went great!) Since then we've finished off four more scenes and counting. I know the biggest question I've been getting is, "When will it be done?" and my best guess is three...four months...if all goes well. I am going to set up a little scene counter on here so you guys can track my progress as I whittle these scenes down. I think it'll give everyone a good perspective of how fast I can work and I actually how much work is going into this baby (A little!)

Today I am tracking all the signage from our Conference scene. It was one of the largest groups we put together and it took quite a while to shoot. We also did dolly and tracking shots that day which always add to the time. (especially when our "flextrack" ie. industrial hose- doesn't want to cooperate.) For all you nerds out there I am tracking with Mocha AE and it works excellent. We shot all our signs as white board though and I think that mocha would much rather have color. Something to remember.

I was having a heck of time inputting the tracking data as a four corner pin though. There's the known issue where you have to turn off AE and turn off mocha and then reload and only then will it copy/paste. Sucks!

But thankfully there is an excellent script out there to import Mocha Data. MochaImport Its a lifesaver.

I've got 8 tracks down like 30 to go!


  1. Thanks for the film geek gobbildy gook.

  2. No Problem. I love writing film geek gobbildy gook.