Previewing Select Scenes

So our first official screening event for Science Sex and the Ladies is coming up this Friday. It's a bit exciting and scary because I've been thinking and talking and working on this movie for almost 8 years, and now the product is emerging. Now, granted this is not "the movie." This is select scenes and a trailer for the movie. However, we still have to make a good showing of it.
We’re viewing this as the movie's coming out party. Of course this is a cast party of sorts, but we figured why not hit two birds with one stone. Why not use this to kick off the marketing campaign? We invited a variety of “influential” individuals. That sounds a little silly, but what we mean is people from different “crowds” who may talk (hopefully favorably) about this to friends and colleagues. We also sent invites to all our local press contacts and to some local art and/or culture bloggers. We want to place this movie on people's radar. The point is not to get pre-event press, or even after event press. In fact they don’t even have to come (although we hope everyone will).  The point is to make it known that our movie exists, is progressing, and seems kinda intriguing. It’s like a first little tap on the shoulder. Later, as the movie progresses, we’ll be trying to specifically elicit press and/or collaborations, and when we do, at least it won’t seem like we’re coming out of left field.

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