An Update and Some Movie Stills

So far a little over half the movie has been rough edited. Some scenes are more finished than others. Since most of this movie was shot in front of green screen, the sets are, of course, added in, and they are slowly becoming as we planned. The best way, but maybe not a completely correct way to say it is that the sets are to look as if the actors are in a strange stage show. Sometimes the actors are standing in front of what looks like huge screen prints of a set. Sometimes the sets are a sort of layered photo-realistic collage. Sometimes the sets look like a community theater stage.  Here are a few stills from the movie so far.

Although we kinda like the airplane wallpaper, this is only a temporary background. We love the narrator and the dynamic duo in this though, so we thought we'd put it up.
(Nick Marson, Sara Lukaszewski (twice), Sara Yanney-Chantansombut (twice))

Our 40's brother and sister
(Nick Marson, Christa Shoot)

Our 40's family
(Sarah Aaron, Nick Marson, Christa Shoot, Richard Clark)

The notorious caveman scene. Our Arrogant Narrator is explaining the most common scientific hypothesis scientists use to back up thier conclusions that men naturally evolved a higher sex drive then women.
(Joshua Ramsey (twice), Abigail Wright, Joanna Winston, Andrew Borowicz, Lisa Smith, Katie Sheets, Brandi Payton)

The Silhouettes. These ladies shot this the very last day of shooting. They did fantastic, and they got to say some of the craziest things for the Voice Over that goes with this scene.
(Sylvia Borowicz, Joanna Winston, Sara yanney-Chantansombut, Abigail Wright)

A 50's couple learning about life...
(David Charles, Christa Shoot, Trisha Borowicz, and Nick Marson)

Our 50's husband - grilling some hotdogs and learning some interesting facts.
(David Charles)

Our cover model giving us the real scoop on the G-spot.
(Lisa Smith)

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