Web Site Thoughts

We're all -well Barney, Jake, and I - are coming up with ideas to add into the future sciencesexandtheladies.com website. We'll figure how it should navigate, name buttons, write everything that will be written and write directions so that later Charlie can just read, copy and past when he's making up the site. This way he'll just have to deal with the hellish, horrible issues involved in the actual making of the website. Being a non-profession, never trained, website-making self learner, makes it horrible, I'm not lying about that. In fact there will be some irrational screaming at the computer as if it were actually an evil person actively trying to ruin his life, but in the end he makes it work, and makes it look pretty cool. Plus, he's free, and he probably won't destroy that much in the process.
The website now is just the audition info - which as you might imagine - is a bit useless and out of date. But, oh, it will be beautiful one day...oh it will be lovely. I'm working on the cast page. It's pretty fun remembering all the different characters the actors played. If you are an actor reading this start thinking about links or any info you want up on your page cause I'll eventually be asking for it.
I'm supposed to have another website idea all written out for our next meeting, but I haven't thought of what that might be. I heard someone is doing Science Sex and the Ladies Mad Libs - and he better have some done...Jake. Or Barnaby  -I can't remember which one of you was supposed to do that right now.

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