The Movie Making Roller Coaster

All parts of making a movie are like a rollercoaster, but the part we're wading through now is especially so. Footage is beginning to come together in a coherent way, but - frankly - it's not much to look at. The music isn't there, the titling and effects are stagnant and uncomposed, most of the greenscreen work is rough, and there's simply no 'pop' - for lack of a better word. I had been watching pieces Charlie was working on as I get home from work. Some were less than spectacular - and I'd get a sinking feeling even though I knew it would get better, some were ok -  the potential was obvious and I'd be pretty excited, and some just seemed like they needed a lot more work before I could even judge - those make me feel like we would be in post production till the end of time.
Last week when we had our meeting, we watched what had been roughed together so far - about the first 40 minutes. It was, as I said before, not so awesome. But it was strangely rejuvinating seeing it all together like that. There were glimmers of the strange awesomeness that I know this movie contains. They were sprinkled throughout the 40 minutes of this raw movie. And, I could see through the rough mats, awkward silence, unrefined timing, and plane visuals to the things we had imagined during the many months sitting around our meeting table. It became obvious to me that we really would be able to achieve that look we need.  I suddenly regained faith in how we wrote it, how we imagined and discussed it, and what this movie's going to be. I trust in Charlie's unique eye and attention to visual detail, and I know that none of us will be satisfied with half-assed work. To the naked eye, our infant of a movie might seem empty, boring, slow, but to me, watching it this last time was like the slow creaky ride up to the top of the big hill on an awesome roller coaster.

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