Butler University Magazine and Me

One of my 2 friends from college (Sooory, it's just that I didn't live on campus, so it was hard to meet people - or at least that's what I tell myself.) texted me the other day with the following picture.

That's right, ya'll. Looks like I made it into Butler University Magazine! I had sent them a press kit before our cast preview screening, as I did with several media outlets around Indianapolis. However, they didn't respond at all (like every other place I sent it too except for 1 cool reporter at Nuvo), and it's been a couple months ago, so I hadn't thought about it. I guess they threw it into the "What are these graduates doing now" file and moved on with their lives. So I thought this was fun - and also probably the lamest of all possible pieces of media coverage one could have.

However, I thought I'd just mention ol' Butler University here because Science, Sex and the Ladies includes a strangely large amount of people who went to Butler but didn't meet there. That's why I actually sent the press kit to Butler University Magazine in the first place - because I thought this weird Butler grouping might interest them.

Here's the line-up. I have a Chemistry degree from there. Nathaniel Blume, our composer has a degree in music composition from Butler.Our choreographer, Heidi Keller Phillips, who also acted in the movie, was in the prestigious Butler Ballet program. (Unfortunately, the dance scene that was scored by Nathaniel, lyrics by us at AnC, and choreographed by Heidi didn't make the final cut. It was one of the first parts of the movie we created, and a part I most dearly loved. Sadly, in the end though, it didn't work with the feel of the rest of the movie. Plus we didn't have any experience with creating a musical number up to that point, and we made some mistakes in the shooting and planning that couldn't be overcome in a way we felt completely comfortable with. However, we loved the processes, our collaborators, and musical numbers in general, so there will be another musical number in an AnC movie. Mark my words.) Also, at least 5 of our actors graduated from the Butler performing arts college. Some of the actors definitely knew each other, but other than that, we all just ended up together, and we think it's real sweet.


  1. Also, I play Ultimate Frisbee at Butler.

    1. hmmm....do you think we should put that in the press kit?