Inside Amy Schumer S2 Ep2: The SSL Review

Speaking of Amy Schumer (since I wrote about her in my last post too), she said something in one of her Inside Amy Schumer episodes that I liked. Technically, she didn't depict or discuss female sexual release or masturbation, so it's really not eligible for an SSL review. However, she did say clit...and she did connect it as something she likes getting attention to when it comes to the ol' nasty business, so I'm just gonna call it an SSL review anyway. I mean, anytime a woman or man is talking about sex and specifically mentions the clit as a good part of it, it's kind of like that person is insinuating ladygasms need clit action. So, long story short, that's not a common way people talk about it, and I think it was kinda an important Orgasm Equality moment, and that's why I'm SSL reviewing it.

As part of the show, Schumer will interview someone in a segment called "Amy Goes Deep." Usually it has to do with sex in some way (stripper, sex phone operator, etc,) but not always. The one I'm talking about was in the episode "I'm so Bad," and it was with Mandy, a sex columnist. Here's what was said.
Amy: How many of your suggestions have you actually used yourself?
Mandy: I wrote something about putting lipstick and like circling the parts that you want attention to, ya know.
Amy: Mine would just look like wax lips around my clit. 
Funny story, the word "clit" is actually bleeped out (I guess I can't be sure that's what she said, but it's pretty clear from the sound of it and her hand gestures that's what she said). I just heard on a Joe Rogan podcast with her that Comedy Central allows them to say "pussy" without bleeping it out, so why not clit, people, why not clit? Now that I think of it though, I watch these on Hulu, so maybe clit wasn't bleeped in the original airing, and they just bleep a lot more stuff on the internet. If you know about this, let me know.

Also, later in the interview she was flabbergasted to hear that this sex advice columnist doesn't like to get oral sex. I too was flabbergasted because getting ate the hell out is THE BEST, and if you aren't into it, I'm pretty sure I don't want to read your sex advice.

Okay, for bringing up the clit as the place you want to attention during sex, this episode gets 5 out of 5 vulvas. Ms. Schumer is on an SSL Review roll.


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