Science, Sex and the Ladies Got a Write-Up!

We got a write up! It's in Entertainment Magazine Online (which was an Arizona Newspaper that went online in the early days of the internet and has since branched out a bit). One of the writers, Madelyn Ritrosky attended a pre-screening of SSL and, well, wrote about it. It seems she's into sexual equality also and has a book and short film coming that also deal with that subject, so I'll be on the look-out for that.

There is also a Q&A with me at the end. The article is called "Science, Sex, and the Ladies, Oh My!" so go check it out!

Here's a quick preview below - oh, and did you like our official movie troupe headshot? We call it our AnC selfie.

We are so used to accepted, traditional notions and images of female and male sexuality – and the enmeshed power dynamics – that most people don’t question much of what they assume is innate biology and gender roles.  Yet when you look closely, socialization and the ideological environment loom large in our cultural “education.”   
As Trisha, Charlie, and Barnaby put it, there is an “orgasm disparity between women and men that is culturally created, harmful, and in no way inevitable.”  Both women and men are responsible, and both need to make changes for progress to be made.  
The filmmakers call the film’s format “a new form of non-fiction cinema, the visual essay.”  While it is thoroughly researched and even puts citations on-screen, like research paper footnotes, they present their case primarily through quirky vignettes and skits.  The filmmakers appear in some of them.  It truly is innovative.  It’s also entertaining.  
Check out the full article and Q&A HERE 

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