Who's Scared of a Giant Vulva?

Well, I have a question. I don't really know who reads this blog, and I have no reason to believe that any of you who do will leave a comment - since I rarely get any comments all, but I'm gonna ask anyway. Would a real life vulva up on the screen make you uncomfortable? What about 3 vulvas? Now imagine them all close up with folds and hangy down parts just big on the screen in all their fleshy glory. What if some anonymous fingers were opening up lips and pointing out all the anatomical details?

I'm not asking this as an opening to some argument about something. I actually want to know how uncomfortable that makes people...cause that just might happen in this movie (Science, Sex and the Ladies). I have had feedback from 2 people, a man and a woman who watched a part of it on different occasions, and they both were a little worried that the close-up vulvas might be too much for potential audiences. These two aren't particularly prudish or conservative. I'd say they're like a lot of people who would watch the movie, so I'm not going to ignore the feedback.

However, Charlie, Barnaby, and I did think a lot about whether to use real vulvas or not to display the parts and the changes that happen during arousal. It's always been my stance that we should because I think that it is really hard to place diagrams of vulvas I've seen with the actual thing that's chillin' between my legs. I mean, lady parts all look really different, and the diagrams always have the lips magically spread and just kinda look like a series of  well defined holes and raised circular objects. I also think that a lot of people have never seen an unaroused vulva compared to an aroused vulva (I mean even in porn, you don't see aroused vulvas that often). I think some people probably don't even know there's really any difference except for some extra lube, so I think that's important too.

Anyway, I'm going to keep my mind open about it. We only use real vulvas as anatomy lessons and to demonstrate physiological changes, so there's certainly nothing lurid about them, but I don't want to turn the majority of my audience off before they even give the movie a chance. Above all, I want as many people as possible to watch and engage in this movie. If that means toning down the full frontal vulva, then I'll be willing to do it, but I'm hoping that doesn't turn out to be the case when we start testing the movie out on people. If you have any thought, I'd love to hear em'.

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