Running the F*ck!!!!!!!!

Hi there. I have been going deep into the Dodson and Ross site whilst thinking of questions to ask a one Ms. Betty Dodson for when I interview her for this blog (watch for it people!). Have I said I love Carlin and Betty? I do.


I have known for a long time about Betty Dodson. I've even seen one of her masturbation class videos. I just didn't realize until more recently how active and spot on she is when it come to the subjects me and my movie hold dear. It was like when I first started researching about female orgasms and female sexuality. I eventually came to a point where I just wanted something I was reading to outright say what I was suspecting (and what these writings were skirting around) about the bullshittiness of this whole vag/g-spot orgasm thing, but nothing did...until I found some feminist books from the early 70's. They said it straight up. It was fresh and true...and also about 40 years old...and no one I knew had really even heard of these fantastic books. It was awesome that it existed and frustrating that so many people were unaware.

I got that same excitement when I saw the stuff that was going on with the Dodson and Ross website. It is fresh, correct, hilariously blunt, and sincere. Yet it is nothing really new. The info is out there. It has been for 40 years, so why the hell is it still so fresh? Why is the stuff they are saying not just basic common knowledge? It is both frustrating that we still, as a society, don't know this stuff and also exciting that they are out there fighting the good fight. I can only hope that my movie helps them in the struggle!

There are lots of great videos of these 2 that you should watch, but I ran across this one, and it was just fun. Plus I love the term "Running the F*ck." I mean it's poignant, badass, and just good advice. I particularly love that it's coming from a woman in her 8th decade of life.

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