Ashley Rose - The First Installment of LIKDIT!

I decided to start a new series on my blog. I'm calling it "Ladies I Know Doing Interesting Things!" or "LIKDIT!" I'm going to pronounce that as "liked it!" and I will always clearly say it in a way that you can tell there's an exclamation point at the end.

Each LIKDIT! post will be exactly as you might expect - about some woman or women I know that do or create something I think is cool, a bit out of the ordinary, and worth mentioning on my blog. Here's the deal though, they will always be women I know personally, not just any ol' gal I read about. I'm not saying they're all going to be my best friends, but we'll be acquaintances at least. It's also not going to be something like, "my friend Leslie makes the most badass mix tapes." She does, but it doesn't fit the criteria. It has to be something that they sort of open up to the pubic, something that is more than a job or business, something more purely creative or philanthropic in nature. I'm not sure how this will evolve, but that's my thoughts at this point. We'll see.

This brings me to Ashley Rose Sullivan, the first LIKDIT! To start with, she make a webcomic called Rabbit and Red. I'm no trained critic, so I'll just say this. It's just so damn sweet and fun. It'll put a flippin' smile on your face every time. I kept seeing them here and there on Facebook as she would post them, and eventually I just went and looked at all of them (she's been posting them since about November), and I feel downright good about that decision.

Lonely Monster

She also has a blog where she posts all these pics she's made. I really enjoy seeing what she's come up with, and I like her short comments about them. Some of my faves have been Star Trek Gender Bender, The Siblings Tenenbaum and Lonely Monster Outside of all that other stuff, she's a writer too, and she's also the founder and director of the cool and maybe insanely rigorous Somerset Shakespeare Camp in rural southern Kentucky. Honestly, you should really just check her out. Go here: http://www.ashleyrosesullivan.com/AshleyRose_Sullivan/Home.html
Did I mention she made a family portrait that I love of me, Charlie, and our cat Ramona; inspired, I believe, after Charlie and I each posted some creepily serious pics of ourselves posed with our cat.
The Sibling Tenenbaum

Star Trek Gender Bender

My Family Portrait (minus the newly acquired Tina the Cat)

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