The Money Shot...We Don't Love It

I will make no apologies for the fact that I like porn. I will however point out that I also believe 99% of porn is focused on, no obsessively loyal to, male fantasies, male orgasms, and male desire - so much so that female orgasm, fantasy and desire, is almost non-existent. The female orgasms are almost always absolutely fake and any female fantasies that appear, only do so because they are also male fantasies.

My point is, I see nothin' wrong with a little bump and grind on screen, but I see a lot wrong with the kind of bump and grind that dominates porn. I'm not the only one, by far, and there are some people out there who really work hard to seek out and gift to the world a subset of porn that hetero women would like. Ms. Naughty is one of these fantastic individuals. I just recently became really aware of her, and I knew she was my kind of people when I read her article about how much she hates the moneyshot in porn. Let the truth free my sister! Anyway, I do too, but why tell you about it when she does such a good job in this short article that I have linked here? http://www.msnaughty.com/moneyshot.htm Check it out.


  1. I dunno about others, but that moneyshot is one of the most hateful things in porn for me. Turns me off like nothing else. And I am heterosexual male, so there!

  2. I guess it's not only the ladies hating the money shot. Thanks for chiming in!

  3. Also hate the moneyshot, it just makes the whole scenario seem all the more fake :/ Gay guy here interesting to see the parallels between hetro an gay porn :3

    1. I'm glad there's solidarity among gay and straight porn watchers about the hate for the dumb money shot, and to expand a bit on other possible parallels...I'm pretty sure a lot of us straight women love gay porn at least as much as we like straight porn. It's pretty hot - what can I say ;) Also I need to write a quick blog post, and you just gave me inspiration. Thanks! :)