Super Bowl Special

This is not a normal SSL post - mostly becasue I'm lazy and thought putting up a couple pics would be easy. (I've got an SSL interview or 2 in the works though, so keep a look out...)These are from a sign a man was holding at the SuperBowl festivities here in Indianapolis. As is to be expected within any large gathering, there was a group of religious cooks ranting to happy families/drunk college kids/etc. as we all walked by. The sign was two sided, and I thought it might give us all a reminder of what exactly we should be doing ;).

Also...I want to just throw this out there. I was feeling some unexpected city pride the last week while the Superbowl was in town. Not that I normally hate Indy. I often hear people who have moved from here or want to move from here crying about what a wasteland of country-bumpkin bullshit this place is. I gotta tell ya, that's always annoyed me - mostly because I think people who rag hard on their hometowns are over-dramatic whiners who don't know how to make the best out of what they have. At the same time, I'm not going to romanticize Indy as a relaxed land of midwestern hospitality and neighborly livin'.  It's just a place like anywhere else - a place where I was born and raised. There are ass holes, and there are super cool people - just like anywhere else, and if you care to look, there's some pretty interesting things going on too. So, I generally like my city just fine, but this week made me feel strangely excited about it. I loved seeing friends, family and acquaintances all week with Facebook updates from the Superbowl village, or the Jimmy Fallon audience, Zip-lining, celebrity sitings, posing in front of the big Roman Numerals.

People were having fun, taking the day off, riding city buses downtown. I normally have little school spirit, but I loved seeing Jimmy Fallon dance out the doors of my alma mater Butler University. I could care less about football in generall except for the whole eating wings and Doritos while watching the Superbowl (commercials) each year, but I sorta liked how all the Colts fans around here were totally 100% behind the Giants. The whole Superbowl in Indy thing just seemed kinda like a fun distraction for the week...Plus the weather was insanely beautiful for February in Indianapolis. Anyway, just thought I'd let out my tiny touch of hometown pride. Hope you enjoyed the signs...and just in case you didn't think I got a pic of my country bumpkin face in front of the giant Superbowl Roman Numerals, let me assure you, I did. (I'm actually having more fun than it looks like).

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