We've become a little behind in out blogging this is the first post that will start to catch us up. We've been hard at work producing a couple of scenes shot mostly in greenscreen and Charlie has been spending his time planning for that. We've had a few shoots in the middle of the week too which were both fun and easy going thanks to our actresses being professional and prepared. But that's for the next post here I'm going to talk about our shoot for Scene 5 and 21. If you know AnC you know we love a good prom and we pulled out the stops to create a fun little prom scene that explores the G-spot function and anatomy. We shot all our elements seperately. So you'll just have to wait and see how fun it will all look together but here's a few notes and pics from the set.
Joanna gets all props from AnC for being spot on and hitting her lines like a pro. We have some mammoth sections of text and she launched through them easily. It really helped our shooting go smoothly and will be appreciated even more in the edit room. Here she is running her lines off to the side during a short break.

Melissa and Jason Bickel stepped up to help out as Joannas Assistants helping her display various liquids and even a short little dance. They were also a great help for our two man crew Jason starting and stopping our sound recorder and Melissa slating.( see above)

We dressed as many of our cast as we could for the prom extras. Everyone was having fun with their little parts I think we should cast our next movie based on their outfits for this scene. It would write itself. Here's Jerem,y Grimmer, Leslie Hankins, Melissa Bickel and Trisha getting ready to go on camera.

Here we are. Leslie is Trisha's BFF and she stepped up to help us get some fresh faces in this scene. She was awesome.

Here's Kristin Marley acting like a wallflower. Every prom has them she was great!

Sherry Philpot another one of Trishas longtime friends came over to help out to she was great. Her and Erving made a great couple.

Harrison Aaron got in on the fun too. Here he is standing on our flex track waiting for Barnaby to pull him through the shot.

We had our actors dance as they were being pulled throug the shot to simulate camera movement . It worked really well actually. We experimented a bit and as we suspected a wide lens gives the best perspective and created a nice sense of movement.

Here's Jeremy getting pulled by Barnaby and Jason. The flex track we have is sorta janked..sorta cool..it takes a little to work with and it makes the dolly prone to jumping off the track, but it got the job done.

Here's Charlie getting a ride.

We shot all our elements for the Prom Seperately. Here's Barnaby blowing some wind on our balloon tower to make them move gently. We shot them at 32fps and they had a really nice gentle motion.

Harry and Barnaby hanging out

Here's Rosaling Helping trish with her hair. We got everyone in on the action. I'll let you go with a few shots of everyones great costumes!

Thanks everyone for making a complicated shoot that much easier!

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