Another good shoot.

We shot scene 26 this weekend. It's a quick primer on how the feminist movement dealt with pornography...by splintering.

The scene called for a range of looks that were 70's and 80's specific and once again our hair and makeup people delivered. We were able to find a make-up person last minute and she really did a great job. Our regular make-up artist Lauren couldn't make it, but we hope to have her back soon.

We lit the whole scene with the china balls you see above. The big guys have 300 watts the small guys 200 watts. Then we gave the background a little bit of a kick with 2 600 watt fresnels. I didn't want to blow out the background I just wanted to give them a little bit of a hotter spot behind the table. I lit the carpet just in front of the tables with 600 watt fresnel too. This shot doesn't have the final light in it so you'll just have to image...:)

Here are our some our actresses. Left to right Lisa Smith, Pat Eberle, Joanna Winston, and Kristen Marley. They're holding signs that I''m going to track some images onto later.

Jake Fritz helped be set the lights. He's quickly becoming an AnC regular. We love to have him around. He helped dolly our shots which would have been pretty impossible otherwise.
I'll leave you with a few shots of the other looks we had produced for this shoot. Everyone looked great! Thanks again!

Rick Clark as a Producer

Bill Eberle

Sare lukeszewski

Katie Sheets

Kristen Marley

Joanna Winston

Lisa Smith

Sara Lukaszewski

Pat Eberle

Kristen Marley

Abigail Wright

Lisa Smith


Cathy Hamaker

Jeremy Grimmer -

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