Feminist Pro-Masturbation Activism by Maya at Feministing

Since June's the new May here at SSL, I'm celebrating National Masturbation Month and part of that includes highlighting people with a feminist, orgasm equality edge who unabashedly support a pro-masturbation society. I happened upon a 2011 article at Feministing by Maya tiled The Wednesday Weigh-in: Dirty Girl Masturbating Edition. As I'm sure my readers know by now, I believe increasing female masturbation is integral to achieving orgasm equality, and I liked this article because it advocated increasing the percentage of females who masturbate since the male numbers are so much higher.

I particularly like the following passage. I certainly identify with it - especially the poor over-used stuffed animals. Although instead of "after a dozen plus years" I'd have to say "after a quarter century plus years." Also, I'd say the onlooker part is more than occasional...I mean, I'm a huge proponent and fan of masturbation involved in partnered sex stuff - for realz.
 ...Masturbation has provided the longest, most consistently-satisfying sexual relationship of my short life. From those first curious tinglings climbing up the sliding pole at the playground and the early years of well-worn stuff animals that moonlighted as “boyfriends,” it’s one that, like any good relationship, has continually evolved. Sure, it’s had its ups and downs. At times, seduced by the thrill of an actual human dude, I’ve been neglectful. At others, during seemingly interminable single spells, I’ve become bored (as people so often do) with such a familiar, sure thing. But, we’ve evolved–me, myself, and sometimes my vibrator–with an ever-exciting mix of new techniques, fantasies, locations, and the occasional onlooker. And after a dozen plus years, I’m still learning new things about myself, my body, and my desires–even when I don’t have a partner to explore them with...
Thanks you Maya for your positive radical contributions to the Orgasm Equality Movement. There's so much good shit going on out there - if we can all just combine our powers, we might just be able to move this culture a little.

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