SSL's First Test Screening!

Hello out there! I'm rather excited to say that last night we showed the movie (Science, Sex and the Ladies - the one that this blog is a companion to) for the first time to a test audience. Now, given that I've been researching for this movie since about 2002, and we've been actively actively producing it since 2009, I'm pretty excited to finally be at this point - to say the least. These were literally the first people to see anything even remotely close to a finished movie besides the 3 of us that made it and our composer...so, I was quite curious to see what kind of response it got.

The fantastic volunteer test audience was a mix of people involved with a reproductive rights task force and members of a Universal Unitarian congregation. They provided us space and even some popcorn and drinks, and then they all took time to answer some questions on paper and then have a short discussion. I'm not gonna lie - I was more nervous than I thought I would be going into this, but they were great - honest, thoughtful, interesting.

We got some good insight that we'll take forward - particularly when it comes to marketing. There was definitely things mentioned that we were very much expecting to hear, and one thing that was a kinda surprising. Truth is - anything could have happened at this test screening, but I felt pretty relieved because many had strongly positive reactions to a variety of aspects of this movie. It's a little surreal, this whole thing, but it's truly exciting. We're working on creating some focus groups made up of a different demographic than what we had at this one. I think we'll do maybe 3 or 4 more and then we'll start really thinking about how to move forward.

I'll keep you up to up to date, but be assured, we're getting really close to a finished movie, people!

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