More Fun Masturbation Meme-ish Type Stuff

 Hey there ya'll. It's Saturday. It's National Masturbation Month (SSL obsevered). I'm feeling lazy. Masturbation (particularly female) is an important ingredient in the the main cause of this blog - Orgasm Equality. I like when things are funny. All this, again (cause I did this a couple weeks ago too), leads to the obvious conclusion that I should post a bunch of funny(ish) meme-y type pictures that have to do with masturbation. So here goes again.
He better start working on his back and neck flexibility.

Oh, Bad Luck Brian, only you.



sorta sexy in a robot kinda way

I love Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise. I just wanted to say that.

Maybe just not believe in eternal damnation. Then there's no trade-off.

You do wear glasses though, as do I...and most of the world too.

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