Sparkles, Colored Lights, And Other Things I'm Thinking Of This NYE

About an hour ago I was in my kinda sunroom thing - it's a room added to the back of the house that has a lot of windows. We call it the window room. I have a little silver tree lit up with Christmas lights on the fold-up table that we use as a double desk for me and Charlie. He already works from home and I, ya know, have been a lot more this year - 2020 and all. 

Earlier in the year we also changed out the light fixture in there, and put LED lights that we can control with our phones to change any color we want. It was a dream, and it came true. I can't speak highly enough about these lights. They were on party mode, where they just keep changing colors. I'd say they were in party mode because it's New Years Eve, and they kind of are, but honestly I go party lights most weekends and also whenever I think of it. I also do other modes. I really just like them doing something interesting most of the time. Throughout the year, we also got them for the living room, the porch, the kitchen, and our bedroom. They are all on party mode, and that is because of NYE.

So, I'm sitting on the floor in the window room stretching, and I look behind me in a twisting sitting stretch, and I see all the sparkles coming off the strings of silver garland I hung on the picture frames back there, and I thought, this is pretty good. I'm pretty damn lucky. 

Now, this might just be that the only things I truly love in life are, in fact, sparkles and colored lights. Those are at the heart of my love of Christmas and lots of other things. Ya know, I don't know exactly what it was, but I had a sense of real gratefulness, and I also thought - I'm gonna write about this in my blog tonight.

I had been planning to get a quick post in this last day of 2020 after I'd finished stretching and took a shower. I was going to do a little thing about the 1985 movie Cocoon. Funny thing, you can't find this movie streaming. We got it, though. I won't say how. I'm not sure why we started thinking of it, but we did. We'd been wanting to watch it and finally did on Christmas day. I did enjoy it, but there was some SSL related stuff I thought I could talk about. It wasn't the kind of stuff that qualify it for an actual full-on SSL Review, but some stuff (old men thinking their sex life begins and ends with their boners, AmIright???). 

But those sparkles - let's call them magical New Years Sparkles - made me feel like I just wanted to write about that feeling, and frankly what I always try to do with this blog is write things I want to write when and how I want to write them. Anything else doesn't work long-term, I think. And I want to love this blog and this lady-gasm activism long term. 

That feeling, in relation to this blog, made me want to just thank all the people I've met on this road. I can't really describe what each of you means to me except to say that there are parts of me that are different and better because you were in my life. Shirley, Jill, Bex, Gemma, Paola, Colin, Adam, Reticula, MaldiveMart....Those are some that I have had the pleasure of engaging with multiple times from writing this blog, at least the ones I can think of at the moment. I also want to include all the people that have commented on articles of mine - especially the really mean or skeptical comments that I engaged with. Those interactions shaped me in positive ways. I also want to thank all the actors in the Science, Sex and the Ladies movie. They had no idea what we would do with it, but stuck with us anyway. The shooting of it was 10 years ago now, and all my friends and family that were all like, 'right on, what can I do to help with this crazy lady-gasm movie you're making?' That's love. 

Anyway love you all. Talk to you soon.

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