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I get asked every now and then where you can watch the movie or where you can contact me. I realized that this blog doesn't actually have an easy link to that stuff when you're looking at it on a mobile device, so I thought I'd re-up. I'll add this page into the dropdown for mobile and top links for desktop.

Watch Science, Sex and the Ladies!

On Vimeo (we love Vimeo - there's great stuff there. Also you can watch it with English, Russian, or Brazilian Portuguese subtitles): https://vimeo.com/ondemand/26160

Science, Sex and The Ladies from AnC Movies on Vimeo.

On Amazon: (We're new here, so and if you've seen it already and want to give us a customer review there, we'd love it.) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M5FZ1A2?tag=moviefone-20

For your classroom: You can buy the movie plus the Educational License and can stream or download at any time. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/sciencesexandtheladiesed

At An Event: Hey, we first and foremost want people to see this movie, so if you have someplace you'd like to show it, just contact me, Trisha (see below). 

Contact Me!
First off, I LOVE to hear from people. I LOVE it. Contact me. Say whatever you want. Secondly, here's ways to do it.

Email: trisha att ancmovies dott com

Twitter: @ScienceSexMovie (Follow me, baby)

Facebook: Here's our movie group's page AnC Movies. We made Science, Sex and the Ladies. We're working on our next full length...which will be a bit different than SSL.

Science, Sex and the Ladies Website

AnC Movies Website

About Me
I love lady-gasm activism. I love this blog. I love SSL Reviewing movies and journal articles and advice columns. I love finding and highlighting other people out there working (knowingly or unknowingly) for the Orgasm Equality Movement. I hope all the shit I fill this blog with can be a strange and wonderful resource for all kinds of people. I wish I had more time in the day to spend working on this blog.

Me and Tina having fun working on this blog

I have a day job though. I'm a biologist, and I actually quite like that job as well. I'd even call it a career.

I also LOVE making movies with 2 men, Charlie and Barnaby, I've known since high school. We're AnC Movies. Science, Sex and the Ladies (SSL) was our first full length movie, but we'd made lots of shorts and commercial work before that. It happened that our first full length was a doc about lady-gams, but we're not really doc makers necessarily. We just really liked the idea of that movie. Our next one is a narrative and probably the one after that will be as well.

L to R: Charlie, Me, Barnaby having an AnC meeting circa 2005ish - probably talking about the SSL script

I'm excited to make more movies, but SSL will always have a special place in my heart. It was my baby, and I fell in love with the subject. I've been doing this blog for years now, expanding on the subjects we touch in SSL, and I'm so grateful I get to continue exploring this subject. I think it's important. But I watched SSL again recently, and I still think it's a crucial companion to this blog. I find it hasn't lost much for me over time and further exploration. I just really love it because it puts the whole story I'm trying to tell together. That's hard to do in these blogs. It's too complicated and broad, and the movie says almost everything without getting too bogged down or being too light. Plus, I think it's funny as hell and weird as shit; something that is not quite a doc but definitely non-fiction. It's got its own special little style that we call a visual essay. I heart this movie hard.

On set for Science, Sex and the Ladies. It was almost all done in front of green screen in a run-down old building. All the wierd stuff hanging is lots of make-shift sound treatment, and this is the sex-ed up caveman scene - one of my faves. 

Charlie, me and Barnaby on set for SSL.  2009ish. We are doing important things (Charlie's little brother in the background).

AnC at the Gateway Theater Doc Week showing of SSL (April 2016)

I also have 3 cats. Charlie (of AnC Movies as well) is my husband. We have tons of nieces and nephews, and watch lots of TV and movies. We live and work in Indiana. It gets a lot of shit as a location, but hey, this is where Kinsey did his sex research. Hoosiers have a solid history of pushing sexual culture forward through science. It's also pretty cheap to make movies here.

This is me and Ramona, the only of our cats we found as a kitten. She started it all. I'm sleeping. Anyone who has known me for any length of time will have seen me in this sleeping position at some point...in a meeting, in a class, at my desk, talking to you. I can sleep anywhere and anytime. 
I don't want to leave Eds out. She was the last cat we found, and she's sitting next to me on a copy of Masters and Johnson's Human Sexual Response there. Her full name is Edgar. We named her through a window well before we decided to take her in.

Here's some pics related to me, AnC, and Science, Sex and the Ladies, for you to enjoy.

This is me with the trophies I won from baton twirling as a young girl. I got a 1st out of 1 and a 4th out of 4...but they were big impressive trophies none the less. This is just before I threw them out.
Amazing mash-up photo of Charlie, me and Barnaby at a 2008 Baltimore exhibition of our short Mustache II: The Second Mustache in collaboration with the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (Dude on screen is our other HS friend and early AnC member, Phil. I'm licking his tiny mustache) 

Still from our first post-HS short movie (2002) Him Her Roland. That's me and B, and the back of Charlie's head. Shot with our first digital camera the XL1 in the restaurant I worked in at the time.

Here at AnC Movies, we try our best to send out a yearly holiday (could be any holiday) card to let our mailing list know about our endeavors. This is our 2014 New Year one.

Me and Charlie on set for SSL as characters we both had to step in and play because the actor couldn't make it last minute. I am Marie Robinson, an opinionated female sexuality writer of the 50's. Charlie is a romance novel character. The romance novel shoot was epic. 
I've saved the best for last. This is me as 80's mom in SSL, a late (2012) re-shoot. We transformed Barnaby's living room for this and that is his cat Yancey. It is the most perfect picture of me in existence. 

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