I feel weird and it's Thanksgiving and I write a blog

Right now, well the last 3 to 4 months really, I've been struggling to keep up with this blog. I vowed years ago to write 2 to 3 posts a week, every week. And I have. It's become a habit, and I get it done - sometimes I put up fluff just to get something up, and sometimes I write better things. It hasn't ever been a burden or chore either...I mean, it's been rough at times buckling down and getting the words out the way I want to get them out and all that, but I love the work. I have more topics and ideas I want to write posts about than I think I'll ever have time for.

So, the struggle these last months hasn't come from not liking the writing anymore or not feeling like I have things I want and need to write about. It's just that I've had a lot of shit happen, and I've lost a lot of my time and focus. I've been putting a lot more fluff up than I would like, and I can't even imagine putting the time and energy into doing a journal article summary right now. I LOVE those damn journal article reviews. They're my favorite thing to do, and I think they're maybe some of the most useful things I do on this blog. Even though I'm not sure if anyone actually uses them much at all, I think they have value...and I want this blog to have value. I want it to be this wierd resource for understanding what's happening out there with media depictions, journal articles, advocacy, advising, and pop science when it comes to female orgasm. So, it makes me feel a little bad when I think I'm writing more fluff than better stuff. So there's that.

I just wanted to say that. Not that I haven't written stuff in the last 3 months I've been proud of, I just feel like I lost speed on those quite a bit, and I want you all to know (because it matters to you so deeply, I'm sure) that I'll get back up to speed. It just might take a while.

The thing is, my family has had some crazy ass health problems. We got through one of them, and we're still smack dab into another. My mom is fighting cancer right now, and it sucks, but we'll get through this somehow, and life will move forward as it always does.

So, with all that said and this being Thanksgiving and all,  I want to thank you for reading the crap I write because I care about that crap, and it means something to me that you sometimes do too. I also want to tell you I'm thankful for so much and one of those things is the fact that I got to create a movie with some of my best friends about a subject for which I feel incredibly passionate, and that I get to continue talking and writing and thinking on that subject every day through this blog. I find a lot of joy in doing it.

So, this is pretty ramble-y, but I just have a lot of emotion in me right now and not a lot of time, and this is what I wanted to say. Lots of love to you all. and btw, I'm also very thankful for the privilege of internet meeting all you really cool people I've met through Science, Sex and the Ladies. You are all so very bad ass.

Also, here's a pic of my mom donating a Sunday afternoon in 2009 to be in her youngest daughter's strange, crazy movie about the female orgasm. That's some love, ya'll - and I'm thankful as hell for her too.

My mom on the set of  Science, Sex and the Ladies


  1. I just wanted to say I am very appreciative of all the work you put into your blog. I especially look forward to seeing your journal article reviews. Your post on Dr. Nicole Prause was great and I am sure you will have follow-up posts about her research at some point. You write about topics that I think are extremely important and it is clear how passionately you feel about them. Not to add to your backlog of things to post about, but I wondered if you had any thoughts about omgyes? I hope everyone in your family is in good health very soon. Take care.

    1. Dag burn it! You made my day - not just by commenting on one of my posts (which would in itself make my day), but for the kind things you said as well :) It makes me even more determined to get going on some journal reviews as soon as I can! Also, OMGYes is on my list for future posts, and I have checked out some of the sample videos. I actually think it looks pretty on point - at least the small bits I saw. I mean it's very specific details from women about how they masturbate to orgasm - and what I saw was all stimulation of the vulva/clit area - with all the particulars heavily discussed. I'm all about that kind of specific info. I'd like to get full access before I do a full on review, but I definitely respect the info they're putting out there. Thanks again, and stay tuned!