A Big Ol' List of Summarized Journal Articles Relating To Female Orgasm

Below you will find links to all of the posts I made in the "A Journal Article I Read" Series. For each one, I read an article, summarize it, and sometimes, if I want to, give a little discussion about what I think the contents of that article mean to the broader understanding of lady-gasms. I try my best not to skip details that are important in understanding what this study did and did not touch upon. Ideally, I want to make these like 20 times more readable than an actual article but also really comprehensive, and I do the best I can to make that happen. Hopefully you enjoy them a bit.

Honestly, these are one of my favorite things to do on this blog, and if I didn't have an actual job, I'd be all over this. I think it really helps me understand the science available on this stuff much better. It is one thing to read an article, but when you have to tell other people all these details about it, it really starts to sink it into your brain, and you can see things you missed in the first read-through. Anyway, I like to do this, and when I do more, I'll continue to add them here.


***Also - HERE's a critique I did of a BBC article on female orgasm. It references a lot of the articles here and also gives a good overview of how far removed the cultural understanding of female orgasm is from the scientific understanding.

p.s. As I've always said in this blog and in my movie, I have never found in a scientific article an instance in which stimulation inside the vagina (without additional external clitoral area stimulation) elicited the rhythmic pelvic muscular contractions known to be the physical expression of orgasm in both men and women (You can see more about that HERE). These articles are no exception, but if I do find one, rest assured I will post it here and amend this paragraph to let you know about it.

Articles about female orgasm that include recording of pelvic muscle activity

The journal article: "The female orgasm: pelvic contractions." Bohlen JG, Held JP, Sanderson MO, Ahlgren A. Arch Sex Behav. 1982 Oct;11(5):367-86.
The summary is titled: Good Orgasmic Pelvic Contraction Study from 1982 - A Journal Article I Read.

The journal article: "Relationships Among Cardiovascular, Muscular, and Oxytocin Responses During Human Sexual Activity." Carmichael, et al. Archives of Sexual Behavior Vol. 23, No. 1 1994.
The summary is titled: Oxytocin, Orgasm, Muscle Contractions, and Blood - A Journal Article I Read

The journal article: "8-13 Hz fluctuations in rectal pressure are an objective marker of clitorally-induced orgasm in women." Van Netten JJ1, Georgiadis JR, Nieuwenburg A, Kortekaas R. Arch Sex Behav. 2008 Apr;37(2):279-85.
The summary is titled: 8-13 Hz Fluctuations In Rectal Pressure A Good Marker For Female Orgasm?: A Journal Article I Read

The journal article: "Regional cerebral blood flow changes associated with clitorally induced orgasm in healthy women." Georgiadis JR1, Kortekaas R, Kuipers R, Nieuwenburg A, Pruim J, Reinders AA, Holstege G. Eur J Neurosci. 2006 Dec;24(11):3305-16.
The summary is titled: A Good Study About Female Orgasm In The Brain: A Journal Article I Read

Articles about female orgasm that do not include recording of pelvic muscle activity

The journal article: "Vaginal Erotic Sensitivity By Sexological Examination." Hoch, Z. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand 1986;65(7):767-73.
The summary is titled: Vaginal Erotic Sensitivity By Sexological Examination: A Journal Article I Read

The journal article: "Vaginal erotic sensitivity." Alzate H, LondoƱo ML. J Sex Marital Ther. 1984 Spring;10(1):49-56.
The summary is titled: Vaginal Erotic Sensitivity - A Journal Article I Read

The journal article: "Measurement of the thickness of the urethrovaginal space in women with or without vaginal orgasm." Gravina GL, Brandetti F, Martini P, Carosa E, Di Stasi SM, Morano S, Lenzi A, Jannini EA. J Sex Med. 2008 Mar;5(3):610-8.
The summary is titled: Thicker Urethrovaginal Space = Vaginal Orgasm?: A Journal Article I Read

The journal article: "A woman's history of vaginal orgasm is discernible from her walk." Nicholas A1, Brody S, de Sutter P, de Carufel F. J Sex Med. 2008 Sep;5(9):2119-24.
The summary is titled: Freudian BS in a Legit, Peer-Reviewed Journal: A Journal Article I Read

Orgasm and Spinal Cord Injury (recording of pelvic muscle activity during orgasm either not taken or not reported)

The journal article: "Brain activation during vaginocervical self-stimulation and orgasm in women with complete spinal cord injury: fMRI evidence of mediation by the vagus nerves." Komisaruk BR1, Whipple B, Crawford A, Liu WC, Kalnin A, Mosier K. Brain Res. 2004 Oct 22;1024(1-2):77-88.
The summary is titled: Cervical Stimulation and Orgasm in Women with Spinal Cord injuries - A journal Article I read

The journal article: "Orgasm in women with spinal cord injuries: a laboratory-based assessment." Sipski ML1, Alexander CJ, Rosen RC. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 1995 Dec;76(12):1097-102.
The summary is title: Orgasm in Women with Spinal Cord Injury (Sipski Study) - A Journal Article I Read

Female genital anatomy and sensitivity

The journal article: "Women's clitoris, vagina, and cervix mapped on the sensory cortex: fMRI evidence." Komisaruk BR1, Wise N, Frangos E, Liu WC, Allen K, Brody S. J Sex Med. 2011 Oct;8(10):2822-30.
The summary is titled: MRIs of Stimulation to the Clitoris, Cervix, and Vagina - A Journal Article I Read

The journal article: "Physiological Changes in Female Genital Sensation During Sexual Stimulation." Gruenwald I1, Lowenstein L, Gartman I, Vardi Y. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Volume 4 (2) – Mar 1, 2007.
The summary is titled:   Sensitivity of Clit and Vagina While Aroused and Unaroused

The journal article: "A prospective study examining the anatomic distribution of nerve density in the human vagina." Pauls R, Mutema G, Segal J, Silva WA, Kleeman S, Dryfhout Ma V, Karram M. The Journal of Sexual Medicine. 2006 Nov;3(6):979-87.
The summary is titled: Vaginal Nerviness and What I would Say Differently If I Made This Movie Now

The journal article: "Pilot echographic study of the differences in clitoral involvement following clitoral or vaginal sexual stimulation." Buisson O1, Jannini EA. J Sex Med. 2013 Nov;10(11):2734-40.
The summary is titled: Ultrasounds of clit and vaginal stimulation: A Journal Article I Read

The journal article: "Coitus as revealed by ultrasound in one volunteer couple." Buisson O1, Foldes P, Jannini E, Mimoun S. J Sex Med. 2010 Aug;7(8):2750-4.
The summary is titled:  Coitus as revealed by ultrasound in one volunteer couple - a Journal Article I Read

The journal article: "Self-assessment of genital anatomy, sexual sensitivity and function in women: implications for genitoplasty." Justine M. Schober, Heino F.L. Meyer-Bahlburg, Philip G. Ransley. BJU Volume 94, Issue 4 September 2004 Pages 589–594
The summary is titled: How Women Rate Their Genital Sensitivity and Appearance: An Article I Read

The journal article: "Anatomy of Sex: Revision of the New Anatomical Terms Used for the Clitoris and the Female Orgasm by Sexologists" Vincenzo Pupp and Giulia Puppo Clinical Anatomy 28:293-304 2015
The summary is titled: Clit and Female Orgasm Terminology: An Article I Read

Articles about female orgasm in relation to the distance between a woman's vagina and clitoral glans

The journal article: "Clitoral size and location in relation to sexual function using pelvic MRI." Oakley SH1, Vaccaro CM, Crisp CC, Estanol MV, Fellner AN, Kleeman SD, Pauls RN. J Sex Med. 2014 Apr;11(4):1013-22.
The summary is titled: A New Study about Clit Size and Orgasms!!!

The journal article: "Female sexual arousal: Genital anatomy and orgasm in intercourse" Kim Wallens and Elisabeth A. Lloyd. Hormones and Behavior 59 (2011) 780-792.
The summary is titled: Distance From Clitoris to Vagina: Does It Matter to Orgasms?

Articles about the way women describe and experience their orgasms

The journal article: "Do all orgasms feel alike? Evaluating a two-dimensional model of the orgasm experience across gender and sexual context."  Mah K1, Binik YM. J Sex Res. 2002 May;39(2):104-13.
The summary is titled: Do All Orgasms Feel the Same?: A Journal Article I Read

Articles about female ejaculation and fluid expulsion during sexual activity

The journal article: "Female ejaculation orgasm vs. coital incontinence: a systematic review." Pastor ZJ. Sex Med.2013 Jul;10(7):1682-91. 2013 May 1.
The summary is titled: Fluid Expulsion During Female Sexual Activiy - A Journal Article I Read

Unique case studies

The journal article: "Sexual function in a woman with congenital bladder exstrophy and multiple pelvic reconstructive surgeries: a case report." Vaccaro CM1, Herfel C, Karram MM, Pauls RN. J Sex Med. 2011 Feb;8(2):617-21.
The summary is titled: Vaginal Orgasm in Woman With Unique Pelvic Anatomy? - A Journal Article I Read

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