Vintage SSL - costume pics from 2009.

So, for fun, I'm going to post this super duper vintage SSL post (with only a tad of updates). This was back in early 2009 when we were preparing to shoot what would become the movie Science, Sex and the Ladies. Back then, the blog was just about the movie. I hadn't really started doing the critiques and stuff like that. I had always meant it to be about the movie and also a place to continue the discussion the movie started, but I didn't really know what that would look like at the time. Plus, I was deep into making this movie, so naturally that's what I wrote about mostly. Anyway, it took us until 2014 to release it, but this, my friends was the start of productions, and it was fun. Below is the trailer for SSL - and you might just find some of the costumes we were stestin out in there.

Science, Sex and The Ladies from AnC Movies on Vimeo.

Vintage from April 4th 2009

So we had a blast on the 29th. We layed out all our clothing (it filled two rooms) and had the cast rummage through with great direction from Pat Eberle and Cathy Quinn helping to get period pieces right. We think we found a lot of gems. Check em out below.

My mom (up top) and my Aunt Cathy (talking to me) made a big ol' meal for everyone. They even brought flowers to make it beautiful. I also wanted them there to help give their opinion in the 50's, 60's and 70's era stuff. they were quite useful.

Rosalind Our Hairdresser was in attendance giving us a lot of great ideas. She's posing her with Barnaby

This is a rack of our clothes.

Ten of those outfits above made it into the actual movie.

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