Random Male Hite Report #15

Hello, friends. It's time for more Random Hite Report! In 1976, Shere Hite dropped The Hite Report where she compiled detailed survey answers from over 3,000 women about sex, masturbation, orgasms, and relationships. It's insane to me how revolutionary this book still is. Read it, seriously. We really haven't changed that much in 40 years, and it's an incredibly insightful read.

Then in 1981, she dropped The Hite Report on Male Sexuality where over 7,000 men give detailed answers about sex, relationships, and women. It too is revolutionary, and the honesty, vulnerability, and detail in this book is so important and moving. I think everyone should read this too. So, I give you a taste every now and then to entice you to get these books. Seriously, they are both like 1 cent online.

Anyway, what I do is flip to one random page and copy the contents of that page, no more-no less, directly onto this blog. Enjoy.

 The Hite Report on Male Sexuality
Knopf, 1981 pg 909

The following is in the chapter The Sexuality of Older Men. And it's under a section about men aged 60 to 69 and pointing out that many men replied that they still enjoy sex, even though for some it is different than in their 20's

"...hassle then, too much uncertainty, too many fears and expectations. Now I know waht to do, and it always works about perfectly." (Age sixty.)
    "Age is a slowing-down process. This includes sex. I have found that with increasing age, my desire for sex has also decreased. But it has also increased the emotional aspect of sex in every way: feelings are more important than physical pleasure. Physical enjoyment may decrease, but the emotional pleasure increases. My sex life is different now in that it entails less fucking and more 'sensuality,' more time spent just enjoying each others' bodies in a physical way, caressing, kissing, stroking, etc." (Age sixty-three.)
    "Lovemaking is my chief desire and interest - offset by long brisk walks - not jogging - just for reverie, no destination." (Age Sixty.)
    "As I age, I find it harder to (1) meet women and (2) become interested and active with women who, I think, generate pleasant feelings. But I can enjoy orgasm just as much." (Age sixty-five)
    "I vaguely remember hearing someone quote someone to the effect that it's a pleasure to reach an age where sex is an occasional source of enjoyment instead of a constant source of annoyance. I have slowed down from six or more ejaculations a day at sixteen to five or six a week at sixty-four. The change in attitudes and activities has been the continuing increase in options." (Age sixty-four.)
    "I enjoy penile-vaginal intercourse and I always have orgasm although I am sixty-five. But it does take a bit longer, and I don't have as much semen as I formerly had, or eject it as forcefully as fifteen years ago. This means milder orgasms. I have intercourse with my wife two or three, sometimes four times per week. I could use more, but my wife is aging faster than I, although she is four years younger." (Age sixty-five.)
    "Too many people feel that only physically young, beautiful people enjoy sex and that isn't so. Sex can be great with sagging breasts, flabby muscles, wrinkles and punches. People should realize this and do something about it. Desire does decrease, but enjoyment should not!" (Age sixty-three.)
    "Sleeping with an old man seems a sort of obscenity to many people, but senior citizens are much sexier than younger people think." (Age sixty-six.)
    "My wife and I missed many years of exciting sex because of her inhibitions and refusal to frankly talk sex with me from the beginning of our marriage. When I tried any type of foreplay she would say, 'Just put it in, that's what I want.' I felt that I was being masturbated in her vagina and not satisfied with my orgasms even though they were intense. I knew that we were not getting all there was out of sex. I finally succeeded in getting her to discuss her needs with me. I had to almost force oral sex on her even though she would orgasm each time to some degree and would not admit that it was that good. She is still too inhibited to ask for cunnilingus unless I suggest it. I am gradually learning to read her mind by her actions during the build up to our sexual foreplay. Erotic sex-oriented stories are good to arouse her. We also have some good sex movies that arouse me more than her. We don't respond to exactly the same scenes. She is doing her best to be frankly and openly honest with me, and with patience and love we hope to disprove that sex after sixty is not good." (Age sixty+.)

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