Hitachi Magic Wand Through Art History!

This is another quick blog today, and it's regarding a little tumblr I learned about that puts the Hitachi Magic Wand into famous art. This takes my deep love for vibrators and pairs it with my other deep love for putting wierd things into old art (that's kinda a deep love I just discovered today).

Anyway, vibrators are just plain useful at shaking that ol' clit into an orgasm. Anything that puts vibrators out into the world is a thing that helps normalize them, and given that we as a culture are so very lacking in female orgasm compared to males, vibrators are a useful tool towards orgasm equality. Plus, the Hitachi Magic Wand is a favorite of my favorite masturbation activist, ol' Betty Dodson, as it's one of the most robust of vibrators.

Anyway, it's Friday, Relax and enjoy The Hitachi Magic Wand Throughout Art History HERE

You can also use it on your back!

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