Women's Equality Day!

Twitter is telling me that it is Women's Equality Day, and I believe Twitter. So I'll throw my 2 cents into the mix. I'll do it quick too because I just got back from vacation, and I haven't been thinking about this blog for a good week and a half. I'm not quite in the swing of things yet, ya know.

So, to quote Sophia Wallace from her Cliteracy: Natural Law #57, "Democracy without Cliteracy? Phallasy"

Point being that Orgasm Equality, Cliteracy, and any other activism out there that is working towards creating a more balanced, realistic understanding of sexuality and orgasm through the acknowledgement that our sexual culture is skewed heavily male-hetero-centric...well, that's some activism that needs to happen if women are to become fully equal members of our society. It is incredibly important and way too invisible, and it affects us all male, female, intersex, gay straight, and trans, but I can feel in the air that this is an issue moving slowly but surely into the light.

Work forward and work hard, my activist brothers and sisters!

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