The Suave Lover Talks Science, Sex and the Ladies

Science, Sex and the Ladies made it onto a podacst called The Suave Lover.  Check it HERE. That's right - suave mothafuckin' lovers think that SSL has something useful to say, so take note. Now, with the name suave lover, you may be thinking about things like Rico Suave or Leisure Suit Larry or Pepe Le Pew cause it has a certain, I don't know, ring to the name that makes you wonder about what they might have to say, but I have to say, I was impressed.

Their podcast discussing SSL was on point. Not only did they clearly understand our main arguments, but they also were quite thoughtful regarding the way men should approach the knowledge that the clit (and not the vagina) is the seat of female orgasm.

I confess, I haven't listened to any of their other podcasts yet, but I read around on their site, and I think it's kind of an interesting concept. It is marketed as a sort of specialty service for men who want to be refined romantic and sexual partners. It says it has roots in the 'pick-up artist' seduction community, but that it has been "years in the making" and that they actually are undoing many of the habits created by the mainstream success of 'pick-up artists.' They say that their "primary concern is and always will be the success and well-being of our clients and the women with whom they share romance."

Going only from the types of things they were talking about in the SSL podcast, I think they might very well be a top-notch resource for men looking for realistic orgasm advise when it comes to women. I'll even go so far as to call them Orgasm Equality Heroes because they are bringing the interest of female orgasm into male sexual advise in a realistic and thoughtful way.

So thanks to you, men of Suave Lover!

Here's a few quick quotes that 1. I thought were good, and 2. I spent the time to rewind a few times for transcribing purposes

"The point that they make in the video, and the point that we'd like to make here is to always remember - pleasure the clit." Some straight shooting from Suave Lover

"This is the thing. Not only do guys need to sorta get the anatomy worked out, girls do too. There's so much repression and bad information....There's two components of it, right? The guy, 1, you can't just like throw your hands up in the air and be like, well, you can't get off, not my problem. You can't also at the same time be like she has to get off! She's got to get off!...You're not going to disabuse a girl of a societal hang-up. Cause this is a societal, wide-spread societal, hang-up..." The Suave Lover getting into the complexity of dealing with this strange world of deep cultural lady-gasm misunderstandings as a man in vivo.

"...Because sex is supposed to be a pleasurable experience for two people - not just your penis." I mean, you're right Suave Lover. That's just true.

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