French love America and Science, Sex and the Ladies!

Today, my friends, is July 4th - the celebration of American independence. This country will be filled with red, white and blue outfits, grilled meat, potato salad, fireworks, swimming, ball games, military bands playing patriotic songs and lots of drunk people and children being burned by sparklers. It's a good day - one of my favorites (seriously, I love fireworks - they are the ultimate of sparkles and glitter).

But where, I ask, would we Americans be without the French? With the cajoling of some great soon-to-be-Americans like my favorite of our forefathers Benjamin Franklin, the French did their best to screw over Great Britain and very much helped us win the war.

So, to honor the French on this day, I am posting a translation of a French article written about our very own Science, Sex and the Ladies. Now, as you might imagine, I cannot speak French. However, I internet-met a super interesting woman out in Switzerland named Lisa, and she, quite bad-assidly, speaks English, German, and French. She volunteered he services and did this translation. It's MUCH better than when I copied the article into Google Translate, but she tells me she did it quickly. I'm still pretty impressed, and one day she just might be helping us translate this darn movie. Interestingly, I can see that things move around the internet like a game of telephone. I can tell that this is largely taken from the Alternet article, which I was actually interviewed for, but it sorta adds some randomness in that wasn't in the article or the movie. For instance I would never say, "vaginal orgasm exists, but only for a small number of women." I would say vaginal orgasms have never been identified, EVER, in scientific literature, and if they exist at all, it's in many less women than we currently believe it to be. Also, the spasms in the vagina during female orgasm are not due to the inner clitoris as is insinuated in the article below, but because of the pelvic muscles spasming - the same thing that that causes orgasmic spasms in men - oh and there's really no actual evidence that vag-spasming would enhance the pleasure of the penis inside it... I find it very interesting how information morphs as it moves along. Anyway, without further ado - THANK YOU LISA, and here's a little French perspective on SSL: 

Women experience the strongest orgasms when they masturbate
Too often obsessed by their own performance, men neglect their surest ally to help their partner reach orgasm – the clitoris.  
The minutes following lovemaking are misinterpreted. Women are angry when men doze off (even when they do not snore), while men are annoyed by shows of tenderness following sex, which prevent them from recovering from their orgasm. For the American biologist Trisha Borowicz, the situation is much simpler to understand; the women were not sexually satisfied as a result of sexual practices that are not based on (or do not fulfill) their needs - and women reproach themselves for not having been able to reach orgasm.  
 In books, as in movies, sex is usually shown with the same scenario, during which a man and woman embrace and then the scene turns torrid (heats up) and the man penetrates the woman and both climax simultaneously and that’s it. In reality the scenario is often quite different from this and women are left short of achieving an orgasm.  
 The biologist is dismayed (angered) by the absence of studies on female orgasm, for which she nevertheless has a solution. So she used a crowdfunding platform for a light and funny documentary about female orgasms, entitled "Science, Sex, and The Ladies" which is especially for those women who doubt, are frustrated about, or ashamed of their inability to have orgasms.  
"Our culture is obsessed with the worship of vaginal orgasms and penetration as the ultimate sexual expression," she explained to the site AlterNet. "Everyone acts as if there were no definition of female orgasm, while there is definitely one."  
 She subsequently points out that most women, above all, enjoy the rubbing of their clitoris; vaginal orgasm exists, but only for a small number of women.
 She also emphasizes some points to remember:  
 - The vagina has so few nerve endings that it is possible to perform some vaginal surgeries without anesthesia. The cervix is so insensitive that 95% of women have no feelings when it is rubbed with a cotton swab.  
 - Women have the strongest orgasms while masturbating, and after that by the orgasms obtained by the hands of their partners. The vaginal orgasm comes last. Figures have been circulating since 1966 (in the study published by sexologists Masters and Johnson), but nobody actually seems to care about this. Nearly 50 years have not changed sexual practices; perhaps women are still struggling to assert themselves and to find a way to tell the truth when they are with their partners ...    
- Contrary to popular belief, it does not take more time for a woman to climax than a man. The only recipe is good clitoral stimulation. If women were content to massage the inner thighs of their partners, they would understand quickly. The key is not whether the woman may or may not have what are called vaginal orgasms, but to know that in most cases clitoral stimulation allows women to enjoy sexual activity faster and easier, regardless of the type of orgasm.  
 - For Trisha Borowicz, all women should know that they are normal and it is not desirable to cut off (curtail) their sexuality. Men also stand to gain by overcoming their concerns, and their performance anxiety – which stems from the erroneous belief that to penetrate and last for a long time is what makes them good lovers. This male fear is what prevents women from speaking out because they are afraid of damaging their partner’s egos. When all of this is cleared up, the couple can be free to enjoy each other in perfect harmony.  
- Let’s take the opportunity to add a little more about what men are fond of: whatever the source of the female orgasm, it causes spasms in the vagina that compress the penis and enhance enjoyment. These are due to the clitoris, 11 cm long, which surrounds the vagina.  
 - It only remains for women to find the words or gestures that will enable them to systematically include the clitoris in their sexual relationships, in one way or another ...

Original article HERE 

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