Orgasm Equality Awesomeness from Stefani Ruper at Paleo For Women

I'm going to feel old and dumb when I say this, but I really don't understand Twitter that well. I use it, pretty minimally, for the movie and events and stuff, so I can get by kind of. I just can't fully figure it out, though. I get confused about where conversations go and begin and end and the direct message part seems super stupid to me. My point is I don't pay that close attention to it, and I just realized that I missed something awesome.

Ol' Bex Van Koot over at Bex + Sex (an Orgasm Equality Hero in her own right) tweeted to me about a kick ass article at Paleo for Women about the female orgasm. It specifically focuses on the bullshit myths about female bodies being less able to orgasm than male bodies, and calls out the truth - that it's not women's bodies that cause women to orgasm less than men, it's our culture, and it doesn't have to be this way.

Stefani Ruper (from http://paleoforwomen.com/)

The writer is an author named Stefani Ruper. Her blog is Paleo for Women, and although you'd think it's all about food, you'd be wrong. I checked through it a little and found a lot of pretty empowering posts about all kinds of life things. I honestly don't know much about Paleo, but I do know that she is on point when she speaks about why women orgasm less than men. She cuts to the chase, and I love it. She's a true blue Orgasm Equality Hero. She needs to rock on.

Her post is so good in so many ways. She gets what the situation in our culture is, the many factors that contribute to it, and what it could be. She also gets how complicated and strange the situation is on an individual level. She talks about a sexual interaction she had that didn't go in a way that was orgasmic or even that pleasurable to her, but she just didn't really do anything about it. She just went with it and was kind of in shock about how crap it was. It's a simple story but a pretty universal one. I know I've been there...and I felt bad - bad because it was bad, because it wasn't what I had hoped for, because I felt weak and dumb for not standing up for my desires, and because I let something I didn't like happen to me just because... well, just because I don't really know why. That kind of situation to varying degrees probably happens more than we'd like to admit. I love that she is so open. I think her little story really exemplifies the depth of the problems surrounding male and female inequalities around sexual expectations, entitlement, and power. It is entangled in us, and it's not easy or simple to overcome, but she makes it clear that we all need to be part of the solution. She ends with this challenge. I'll leave you with it, but please, please go read her original post. This kind of honesty and boldness should be seen and shared.

So I challenge men to overcome fear and ignorance and Even more importantly, I challenge us women to become better communicators about this. I challenge us to explore our own bodies and sexuality, and to learn what we like and dislike. I challenge us to tell men. I challenge us to be unapologetically sexual. I challenge us to own the real sexual power of our natural bodies – the biological bodies that have the potential to sustain multiple orgasms in quick succession. I challenge us to do this not only for the sake of a quick high between the sheets… but more importantly for the sake of consideration, empathy, and respect, and equality between the sexes.

**Oh - and Ms. Stefani Ruper - I'd love to get you a free copy or download of the movie for being a kick-ass Orgasm Equality Lady, so just write me at trisha att ancmovies dott com and it's yours.

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