I guess it's supposed to be the rainy season here in Ribeirao Preto (the a in Ribeirao Preto is supposed to have a squiggly above it, but I can't make my keyboard do that, so just so you know. Also it's pronounced kinda like Heeb-ah-roun Pray-toe. It's really hard to remember that R's sound like H's in Portuguese. Also that squiggly a then o makes a kinda nasal 2-syllabled sound that's a little like the oun in noun, but making sure you pronounce it like it's 2 syllables.) Anyway, it was supposed to be the rainy season here all December, January and February, but it really didn't rain much, and it's actually a pretty big problem. Then, in March it just started raining a lot. People here were all like, "dude, that's weird." But, the rain is welcome, given the near drought situation.

My point here is that we used to do a lot of walking around the city on weekends, but the rain was keeping us in more the last few (we walked around one of the many malls instead).  We had perfect luck (sorte) though on Sunday. It rained, Then we walked to Centro (the aptly named center of the city), and back. It was a good 3 hours, and just as we were getting back to the hotel, it started raining again for the rest of the day. We avoided all rain!

There was also more surprise sorte. There's actually some pretty cool graffiti around. Someone is quite the artist here, but we happened upon some graffiti that was not so much artistically lovely, as much as right on and appropriate for this blog. It was next to one of the many "Sex Shops" that seem to be kind of like a chain,  but they each have their own look, and a different feel to the scantily dressed mannequins in the window. This one had a, I would say, "fancy" feel. The dude had some tuxedo speedos on and the gal had a classy black see-through nighty. Some are more S&M, some are more playful. I haven't been in one yet, but I should check it out, right? Okay, so next to this sex shop is the following graffiti.

Now, o orgasmo definitely means the orgasm in Portuguese, but legalize seems to be kinda English-y. The translation for legalize is actually Legalizar, and "Legalize" doesn't seem to be an actual word here. I'm pretty certain the orgasm is not illegal in Brazil, but I'm going to assume this is just a way to promote a pro-orgasm stance. Now that i think of it, "legal" means cool here, so I wonder if it's some new slangy off-shoot of that. Okay, just searched a bit and Google doesn't seem to think so. I'll see if I can get to the bottom of this, but in the meantime, know that we must have some Brazilian amigos (yeah - it's the same word in Spanish and Portuguese) in the Orgasm Equality Movement.


  1. 'Legalizar' is the infinitive 'to legalize' and in Portuguese, the affirmative imperative for the 'vocĂȘ' pronoun (you, plural) is 'legalize.' So it's basically, (You guys,) legalize the orgasm! :)


  2. Ha! You are awesome Bex! I love it. The conjugation in Portuguese is crazy complicated to me. Nice work - and that's an awesome site you linked. I'm going to use that.