SSL Vimeo sale, Dayton Premiere!, and Blogger is an Asshole

Hello! I thought I'd give you all a couple updates.

1 Science, Sex and the Ladies, as you may already know, is available on Vimeo on Demand (which you can get also access through Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku). Well, by golly, now you can apply the promo code: OrgasmScience until January 26th to get streaming for $1.99 and download for $7.99. If you'd been interested in checking it out, now's the time. Oh - and if you do check it out, we'd love for you to leave a comment

2 A lovely woman from Dayton, Ohio contacted me recently, and she's going to be hosting a small screening or 2...or 3 with friends and maybe fellow church members. You know I love a small screening, and although it's not too far from me, I believe the first of her small screenings will be the Dayton Premiere of SSL! That's worthy of a shout-out, so here it is. Have fun you Dayton ladies!

If you are interested in hosting a small screening (you only need a couple friends and a TV) just contact me at trisha at ancmovies dottt com. SSL wants to come to your town! (Sorry, I have a ridiculous pull towards using the word "cum" instead of come in bad puns)

3 I was writing THIS reply, the first of my posts in the debate I'm doing with Edward Clint at Skeptic Ink, and I accidentally hit control+Z. In normal stuff that usually just takes you back one step. In blogger, it erases your whole fucking post and saves it immediately upon that keystroke. Let me just point out real quick that my reply is not short. It's long as hell, and I thought real hard about killing myself by walking in front of a bus holding my computer. I thought since my computer contains Blogger, it might hurt Blogger too and make Blogger regret what it did to me. I know Blogger is cold and dead inside, though, and I decided against it. After, my screams and hate subsided, I realized I hadn't lost that much - just a lot of formatting and some small rewrites of a few parts. I had most of it saved somewhere else. I'm not so stupid I guess. Blogger has fucked me enough that I don't fully trust it, and take measures to delay or defeat it's dick moves. I just wanted to share that in hopes of shaming or hurting blogger's feelings.


  1. So that's why your response (although excellent) was so slow! You were sabotaged by Blogger.

    I can relate. I just learned (more or less) how to use Google+ and already I'm ejected for offenses against morality.

    I'm actually not clear what aspect of my Google+ profile was offensive. Knowing me, it could be just about anything.

    I was trying to "follow" this blog of yours and, wouldn't you know it, I don't know how to do that either.

    1. Well, that's one reason. The other is the day job. I'm fine with blaming Blogger 100% though.