Orgasm Equality Advice from Lauren Gray at MarsVenus!

Who knew? I've never been a fan of the whole women are from venus, men are from mars thing. It always struck me as putting men and women into weird stereotypical buckets that didn't really coincide with my experiences of men and women. However I will give credit where credit is due. Lauren Gray from the MarsVenus website gave a fantastic answer to a question from "Marie." Check the full video and article HERE.

Hi Lauren,
I am 33 years old and I’ve never had an orgasm during intercourse. What do I need to do to have one? Do I have a disability down there?

Long story short - Lauren tells Marie that the majority of women can't orgasm through g-spot stimulation; that she absolutely doesn't have a disability; that she, like most women, needs clitoral stimulation to orgasm; that asking a woman to orgasm just from intercourse was like asking a man to orgasm from stimulating his balls; that a dude isn't less of a man because his penis isn't what gets his lady off; and then, when she gives "sure fire" ways to orgasm during intercourse, I was overjoyed to find that they all relate to manually stimulating or vibe-ing the clit.

That's straight up orgasm equality baller advice right there, Ms. Lauren Gray! Respect.

Of course, you know me. I would probably harp on the idea that even though 30% of women claim to orgasm through vaginal penetration, it's probably a lot less than that (if at all) given that our culture uses the word "orgasm" to mean so many things, and given that there is actually no scientific documentation of a g-spot related orgasm (ejaculation, yes. orgasm, no), but that's me, and I'm kinda obsessed with that. However, simply keeping the focus on the clit when giving sex advice and not vaguely alluding to ways that a certain position or something could maybe allow hands-free intercourse to cause orgasm is so very rare in sex advice that this approach in itself is pretty radical.  Rock on Lauren Gray.

Oh I also like the comment from "tellmisty" on 12/30/2013 
"Your penis might be THE most awesome penis of all time ..." LOL! I love it. Ahhh, Lauren, that's good stuff. A guy I was dating once had this unrealistic idea that his penis was his gift to me. I reached out one day and massaged his palm. "Does that feel good?" "Uh. Yeah." "That is what your penis feels like in my vagina. Just like that. Just ... that." His face ... was classic. I was so annoyed that he'd been with so many women and none of them had told the brother the truth about his penis, or more accurately, OUR VAJAYJAY. You know I beat around the bush (no pun intended) about it for weeks. The only path left: the straight-up DIRECT TRUTH. Now. I love penises. I do. But we need to put it all context, people!...

To which "Lauren Gray" replies on 1/1/2014
Hahaha. Thanks tellmisty for taking us all to school! ;-)
Indeed. Indeed.

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