I Put My Own Definition Of The Word Binner Into Urban Dictionary

I enjoy reading Urban Dictionary from time to time. It can be hilarious or terrible or disturbing or insane, and I just enjoy the ride. So, I got to thinking maybe I should add something to the ol' Urban Dictionary...something like  binner (the inner boner). I looked up what it currently has for binner, and it's all stupid crap. Check it out for yourself. You can down votes some if you want. My definition is still under review by the editors, but when it's up, I'm gonna ask you all to go upvote my binner definition, cause I'm not gonna lie - I'd be pretty stoked to have a top definition in Urban Dictionary, people. I'd pretty much be a highlight for me.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about it. Also you should look up your name. Here's the top Urban Dictionary definition of my name:
Medium height, big butt, brown hair, brown eyes, nice, giggly person, eyesight usually bad, can be absolutely crazy, very attractable mainly to men, likes to dress up, wierd dancer, good girl. 
That's pretty much exactly correct. I hope yours is super sweet like mine is. Also here's the binner video. Also go put your own definitions in there. It's fun!


  1. Is binner still under review? Because I didn't see it anywhere.

    1. Actually, I found out last week that it got rejected. Given the crazy shit that's in Urban Dictionary, I can't imagine why. I wrote asking about it and don't have a response yet, so I'll probably be blogging about this situation soon.

      Here's the definition I tried if you want to experiment with he review process yourself - if you do, let em know how it goes.


      The inner erection of the clitoris that females get when aroused; the inner boner.

      The part of the clitoris, the clitoral glans, that is seen on the outside of the body is only one piece of the clit, and it's got all the nerve endings. However, the rest of the clit extends down into the body and is made of erectile tissue. This part of the clitoris fills with as much blood as a penis does when males get erections, so it can be thought of as the inner boner or the "binner."

      I got such a binner watching those smokin' hot dudes playing beach volleyball.

      I can't really think right now because my raging binner's sucked all the blood from my brain