Masturbation Blog Deserves Props

May was National Masturbation Month, but I kinda missed the boat and am celebrating it in June. However the people over at The M Blog celebrated it right, and I highly recommend you go check it out. They tried to masturbate every day in May, and then they blogged about it. Simple, really. In fact, if you're feeling wildly activist, check out their DIY instructions for creating your own masturbation blog.

I think it's interesting to read people's candid thoughts on their masturbatory endeavors. It's not something that one gets access to very often - at least not in an un-sensationalized way. It may give you some insight into your own experiences too.

As they point out in their description of the blog, "Masturbation is a revolutionary act."  Oh, so true. I see these M Blog folks as brave soldiers in the Orgasm Equality Movement, and I'd like to thank them for their bold activism. Many of them did a similar project last year in response to a blog called We Can Come Home, which is a blog I also greatly respect and wrote about recently.

 enjoy. masturbate. read a blog about masturbating. love life and all that.

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