Rihanna And Her Pro-Masturbation T-Shirt

Okay, Rihanna wore this shirt during National Masturbation Month (which is in May, but I'm celebrating it in June here on SSL). Jezebel had a simple and appropriate blurb on it. I have to say though, I have a little trepidation about putting this up on my blog. I prefer sticking to straight up physically related discussions of female sexual release and away from the broad messy world of general web feminism. Not that most of my posts aren't feminist. They certainly are, and not that I don't like pondering feminist issues. Oh, I do. It's just that I like keeping this post a bit more pure and clear-cut, if that makes any sense, and a picture of Rihanna with a hand-in-sexy-panties, seemingly pro-masturbation t-shirt seems like it goes into a murkier web-femininist territory...but what the hell.

I like the T-shirt. It's fun. It's pro masturbation in a very anti masturbation world, and it's also specifically pro-female masturbation, which is even more rare.

I'll give Rihanna props too. I know Rihanna is controversial (which is one reason that this seems like stepping into murky feminist waters), but I really don't know enough about any Rihanna gossip to even have a good thought on this in the context of all the Rihanna controversy stuff. I'm sure like most actresses and pop stars, and all people really, she's a mixed bag, so I'll just go forward assuming she's simply putting her star power behind a pro-masturbation culture.

I did check out the company that made the t-shirt. I'm not so sure their intention was feminist in any way, or even pro-masturbation activist. Honestly, I think it was more about having a slightly shocking shirt that included a fairly attractive lady-lower-half with her hands in her panties. But, whatever, there's a definite kernel of bold activism in a famous woman wearing it in public. It may be sexy, but it's also about a lady getting her own, and there's so little of that out there that I'll take whatever I can get, so I guess I'll just say rock on Rihanna.

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